• Is the government trying to wriggle out of a commitment on charging for throw-away plastic bags?

    BBC: Harrabin's Notes: Pay on plastic

  • Plainly, Mr Assad is in a bind and cannot see how to wriggle out of it.

    ECONOMIST: Syria

  • They will take it as proof that he always intended to wriggle out of the offer they rejected.

    ECONOMIST: And finding that, in Thailand, they no longer fit together

  • Generali still hopes it can wriggle out of its predicament at little cost.

    ECONOMIST: Insurance and the Holocaust

  • Miss Houston had placed herself or been placed so solidly in the mainstream that she could not easily wriggle out of it.

    ECONOMIST: Whitney Houston

  • Obuchi can use his simpleton's image to wriggle out of tight spots.


  • One reason is that those who fear they may be prosecuted try to wriggle out of giving evidence and surround themselves with lawyers.

    ECONOMIST: Northern Ireland

  • But to wriggle out of the Maastricht obligation, it will need other European government heads to interpret this requirement as no longer applying.

    ECONOMIST: Tomorrow, perhaps

  • Even then, the IRS tried to wriggle out of paying, saying Schreimann hadn't returned some IRS phone calls and hadn't turned over some records.

    FORBES: What statute of limitations?

  • Only a few years ago, Chinese outfits preferred contracts you could write on the back of an envelope and wriggle out of at will.

    ECONOMIST: China's cup overflows; India catches the spillage

  • "This sounds to me like someone is trying to wriggle out of what was agreed - a strange thing to do, " he told the Deutschlandfunk radio network.

    BBC: Greek crisis: Papandreou promises referendum on EU deal

  • But President Bill Clinton's long days and nights at Wye produced a detailed implementation programme that the two sides will be hard put to wriggle out of.

    ECONOMIST: In the wake of Wye

  • Mr Atherton reckons that the long-term, high-price contracts recommended by the CCC might persuade firms to pony up, since these commitments would be hard to wriggle out of.

    ECONOMIST: Britain can have clean energy or cheap energy, but not both

  • Morgan in New York, says a case like this might tempt other customers of banks selling complex derivatives to turn to the courts in order to wriggle out of deals.

    ECONOMIST: Derivatives in Asia

  • Can Mr Tadic wriggle out of this tight corner?

    ECONOMIST: An impasse that could turn nasty

  • More significantly, President Bush's praise for Pakistan's leading role in the war against terror may just give General Musharraf the opportunity to wriggle out of a perilous situation on the question of Iraq.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan

  • In the old days, women did little more than try to wriggle out of their bonds as a train barreled down on them, or scream as a psycho slashed them in the shower.

    FORBES: Pop Culture

  • It appears to both of us that this company is trying to wriggle out of any liability by sending a guy over to give the chest a rub down with sandpaper and then okay it.

    BBC: Fergus Muirhead

  • Another rub: unwritten and nonbinding agreements common in the reinsurance industry that have the effect of lowering risk to the reinsurer by allowing it to wriggle out of a deal without a loss, in the event claims skyrocket.

    FORBES: When Gray Becomes Black-and-White

  • The Guardian newspaper published extracts from a leaked document suggesting that Gordon Brown was trying to wriggle out of a pledge made by Tony Blair, his predecessor as prime minister, that 20% of European energy consumption would be met from renewable sources by 2020.

    ECONOMIST: Nuclear power draws nearer as renewables retreat

  • The likeliest outcome is therefore neither a sudden, history-altering reduction in defence spending, nor a quick fix that lets Congress wriggle out of its trap, but a drawn-out and perhaps salutary election-year debate about how much defence to buy at a time of distress.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • In order to wriggle out of its commitments, it claims that it is the Palestinians who are in default by not carrying out their pledges on security, by not summoning the Palestinian parliament to affirm that the clauses calling for Israel's destruction are gone from the covenant, and by not extraditing wanted men to Israel.

    ECONOMIST: Israel as wrecker

  • The United States and the world could not safely allow Saddam Hussein to wriggle out of sanctions, secure fresh infusions of funds from around the world, end the no-fly zones, expand his sponsorship of terror, return to his ambitions to have and to wield weapons of mass destruction and, quite possibly, act on his stated desire for revenge against America for Operation Desert Storm.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The War on Terror can��t be won by losing Iraq

  • Delta Air Lines has improved its situation with its credit-card provider, and may soon be in position to wriggle more money out of its pilots.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Delta Air Lines (nyse: DAL - news - people ) has improved its situation with its credit-card provider, and may soon be in position to wriggle more money out of its pilots.

    FORBES: Delta Air Lines Still Flying In The Face Of Bankruptcy

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