• However, as with everything, some moderation is better than use without restraint, and of course there are costs as there are benefits.

    FORBES: 10 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Can Avoid

  • By trampling property rights, especially of individuals, the government has made it clear that anything goes, that those who have the power can wield it without restraint.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • There are some who seek to destabilise this and incite dissent, with ulterior motives aimed at their personal profit, at the expense of others, but they will be targeted swiftly and without restraint.

    FORBES: Japan and China: A Clash of Civilizations?

  • She said other nations were increasingly employing cyber attacks without "any sense of restraint, " citing "reckless" behaviors that neither the United States nor the Soviet Union would have dared at the height of Cold War tensions.

    MSN: Private U.S. networks vulnerable to cyber attack: Pentagon - Technology & science - Security | NBC News

  • According to calculations by the Social Security administration's chief actuary, however, it is possible to transform Social Security fundamentally without resorting to tax increases or benefit cuts if we exercise reasonable restraint on federal spending growth and prudent borrowing to finance the transition to a new system of large personal-retirement accounts.

    ECONOMIST: Letters | The

  • But it is hard to visit the centre without feeling like Charlie Bucket (or, if you lack self-restraint, Augustus Gloop).

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • Without the ability to devalue, the restoration of competitiveness requires painful austerity measures and wage restraint.

    ECONOMIST: A bearish perspective on the market in 2011

  • The United States is surely right to seek to minimise its own casualties, but if war can be waged by one side without any risk to the life and limb of its combatants, has a vital form of restraint been removed?

    ECONOMIST: The ethics of warfare

  • The controversy comes against the backdrop of President Obama's determination to pursue "a world without nuclear weapons" - and to have the United States lead toward that goal by exemplary restraint and disarmament.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Are we serious about deterrence?

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