• Clearly, this was due to the wipe-out of speculators on margin who were not buying silver as a monetary reserve, but as a risky trade.

    FORBES: Silver Down 30%, Gold Off 11% As Panic Hits Precious Metals

  • The gold price slumped 11% last month, even as stock-markets and the economic data tanked, making Sept. 2011 the worst month since the wipe-out of Oct. 2008 after Lehman Bros. collapsed.

    FORBES: Gold Is Not A Safe Haven For All Seasons

  • However, it now looks like RIMM might be able to avoid a complete August wipe-out as the new Bold Touch is poised to ship 2-3 weeks earlier than anticipated in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

    FORBES: RIMM: Will Wide Bold 9900 Launch Save The August Quarter?

  • Here again in 2011-2012, the crisis proved good for gold at first, but the whole move has been unwound as global credit deflation sucked the air out of gold futures and options, and wipe-out losses in other assets forced even true believers to quit their positions.

    FORBES: Gold Erases Last Summer's Gains But Don't Count It Out

  • As for services, a new generation of easy-connection software like Sun Microsystems Jini might wipe out low- end systems integrators in a blink.

    FORBES: Digital rules

  • In other words, a single Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine can wipe out an entire medium-size country.

    FORBES: The Submarine That Might Save America

  • That pogrom was started by the army, to wipe out the then-powerful Communist Party.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia

  • They got in after rallying for an extra-inning victory over the San Diego Padres in a one-game tiebreaker, and then proceeded to wipe out the Philadelphia Phillies in three straight opening-round games.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • D. in plant virology from the University of Bath in the U.K. in 1991, she tried various conventional hybridization techniques to outbreed the viruses that wipe out the otherwise drought-resistant and energy-rich tuber.

    FORBES: Millions Served

  • And you might wipe out the entire preceding 24-hour period, not just the bad stuff.

    FORBES: Oblivion in a Pill

  • The aid to Colombia is old-fashioned American assistance to wipe out a force that has no place in the modern world.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Has it -- is it able to wipe out 8 million jobs lost as a consequence of the recession which we inherited?

    WHITEHOUSE: Vice President Biden on Congressman Barton’s Apology to BP

  • But, according to a study by two economists, Joachim Ragnitz and Marcel Thum, such a wage imposed across the economy would wipe out 1.1m low-wage jobs—3% of employment in western Germany and more than 6% in the east, where productivity is lower.

    ECONOMIST: Pay in Germany

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