• Mr Maillaud said investigators will talk to her through interpreters as soon as possible, with British representatives present.

    BBC: UK

  • "We will need to sit down and talk to the school to see how we can keep her motivated because it will be extremely basic, " said Mr Hankins.

    BBC: Tell-tale signs of a genius child

  • And as you mentioned, actress Sarah Polley will join us to talk about her directorial debut.

    NPR: New Hampshire Voters Shake Up the Race

  • Greene agrees people will tune in, if only to hear her talk.

    CNN: What 'X Factor' can do for Britney Spears

  • Ellsworth, whose tweet started this story, will no doubt find that toy companies and console hardware producers are eager to talk to her, and may also have some hardware ideas of her own.

    FORBES: Layoffs At Valve? Updated - Gabe Newell Responds

  • Since Winfrey is contractually barred from hosting another Oprah-style chatfest until she concludes her syndicated series in September 2011--whether she'll launch one at that time remains one of the industry's favorite guessing games--OWN will feature the next best thing: back-stage access to her top-rated talk show.

    FORBES: Daytime Television

  • "Every CFP worth his or her salt will give the client a no-obligation initial interview, to talk about their goals and objectives, " says Lewis Walker, a Norcross, Ga.

    FORBES: Got To Have A Plan

  • The festival's closing day will feature a talk from Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams who gained the honour for her international campaign to ban landmines.

    BBC: Hans Blix, Miranda Hart and Carl Bernstein

  • She could reach out to people such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to talk about her personal struggles in juggling personal ambition and family needs, which will resonate with all women regardless of nationality or economic status.

    CNN: How Caroline Kennedy could make a difference in Japan

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