• The trend is especially pronounced in the swing states where the Obama camp is concentrating its efforts, points out Peter Hart, a Democratic pollster.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • The English Democrats concentrated on the "stronghold" of Doncaster where the party's Peter Davies is Yorkshire's only directly-elected executive mayor.

    BBC: England

  • One highlight is a Blue Peter-style page where fans can print out a picture of Anne Robinson and then follow instructions on how to turn it into a face mask.

    BBC: Web link for Weakest Link

  • The most threatening to banks is New York City, where city council speaker Peter Vallone plans to unveil a proposal next month that would restrict ATM fees in the nation's financial capital.

    CNN: The War on ATM Fees

  • Watch for Peter Lewis to put his money where his pipe is.

    FORBES: The Billionaire Pushing For Legalized Pot

  • This rite was accompanied by a reading of Matthew 16, which is the passage where Jesus changes the name of his disciple Simon to Peter and hands him the keys to heaven.

    WSJ: Humility in Pope Francis' First Hours

  • Olly Barkley and wing David Strettle drop to the bench, where the uncapped Bristol prop Jason Hobson is promoted alongside London Irish scrum-half Peter Richards.

    BBC: Much-changed England call up Care

  • So its boss, Peter Matthews, has spent the week in Greece, where he says he is continuing to buy metal but will no longer sell it in that hapless, debt-ridden country.

    BBC: Eurozone crisis brings home 'grim' warning to Midlands

  • Peter's, the spot where the world will meet the new pope once he is elected.

    CNN: Papal conclave to elect new pope set to begin

  • Now, Scott is Australia's first Masters champion, succeeding where two-time major winner Norman and the great Peter Thompson failed.


  • Mr. PETER BEINART (Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations): Where neoconservatives break from realists is, you know, their belief that America can extend its power very dramatically without producing a backlash.

    NPR: McCain's Foreign Policy Has Disparate Tones

  • And the first criticism from Canadian politician, Peter Stoffer, the New Democratic Party MP for Nova Scotia: "This is not where you go to save money", he told Canadian television network, CTV.

    CNN: Strict diets for airlines as fuel costs soar

  • Peter Broadbent is in Browns Lane, Effingham at at approximately 8.45am, opposite the field where the youngsters play rugby on a sunday morning.

    BBC: Surrey puma sightings: Timeline

  • Peter asked to serve his time in Otisville Prison Camp (north of NYC), which is where Ponzi Schemer Kenneth Starr is serving his 90 month prison term.

    FORBES: Peter Madoff Gets What He Expected - 10 Years Prison

  • Where they should be gunning for Mr Blair, all they have managed is a little August sniping at his ally, Peter Mandelson and even this stopped once Mr Blair got back from holiday.

    ECONOMIST: The people��s prince

  • "It is a unique opportunity for Guernsey to acquire a nice open space in the heart of St Peter Port where remembrance can have a degree of dignity it lacks at the moment, " he said.

    BBC: Plan to move memorial over crowding

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