• There have been some unexpected responses, for instance markedly different phytoplankton communities and total biomass resulted from two iron addition experiments conducted a year apart at the same site in the north west Pacific Ocean.


  • The bay is like a giant bowl that drains west to the Pacific Ocean twice a day.

    WSJ: Before America's Cup Capsize, Concerns About Safety

  • Not to mention that, from downtown LA, one is only about 8 miles from Hollywood, 10 miles from Beverly Hills, and 15 miles due West to the Pacific Ocean and its assortment of beaches and tourist traps in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, and the like.

    FORBES: Downtown LA Tops City of Industry as Ideal Site for New Football Stadium

  • The Galapagos -- 19 islands that lie 600 miles west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean -- are home to species of animals found nowhere else on Earth.

    CNN: Close encounters in the Galapagos

  • Enter through a concrete lobby in an anonymous building fronted by corrugated sheeting a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in West L.A. and suddenly you're in a hangar-esque space where some 200 acolytes toil at desks and tables constructed from the same cheap red plywood used for packing cases.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He has already helped to track down a more recent, smaller impact (a mere 2.15m years ago, and involving an object somewhere between one and four kilometres across) to another part of the Pacific ocean, south-west of Chile.

    ECONOMIST: Paleoforensic science

  • Nasa says its six-tonne UARS satellite plunged to Earth over the Pacific Ocean, off the US west coast.

    BBC: Nasa's UARS satellite falls off west coast of US

  • An isolated archipelago, the Galapagos are set in the Pacific Ocean more than 500 miles west of Ecuador .

    FORBES: Connect

  • It took me a while (all of twelve hours) to realize what it was: for so much of my life, I have been physically oriented to think of the ocean as that thing to the East (the Atlantic) or the West (the Pacific) of me.

    FORBES: Mofongo in Miami

  • Conditions in the Pacific Ocean determine some long-distance weather patterns, which in turn affect snowfall in the West.

    MSN: Despite snow, Colorado's drought outlook uncertain

  • So for those of you who aren't intimately familiar with the California coastline, this is the spot kind of west of Santa Barbara, about halfway between San Francisco and San Diego, that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, and that means that she had traveled almost 200 miles from where she was originally released 30 days' prior.

    NPR: Released Great White Shark Located

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