• After the collapse of Indonesia's economy along with longtime ruler Suharto in the late 1990s, a weary world tended to discount the nation's travails.

    FORBES: Indonesian Democrat

  • Shemp seems very world weary.

    FORBES: AMC Podcast Offers a Peek Inside the Brain of Breaking Bad

  • It's sort of this velvety, smooth, world-weary voice that seems to be untouched by time.

    NPR: Dylan's Legacy Keeps Growing, Cover By Cover

  • He chews on a bamboo shoot and eyes us with world-weary boredom, as if we were tiresome in-laws.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • The world-weary argue that greenery was merely a convenient cloak beneath which a cash-strapped government could levy a few more taxes.

    ECONOMIST: The revolution that wasn't

  • World-weary French commentators sometimes maintain that only smaller, more homogenous countries, such as Ireland, Finland, Denmark or the Netherlands can reform.

    ECONOMIST: European politics

  • My college boyfriend and I pulled into the parking lot of the tackiest motel we could find and prepared our world-weary smirks.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Inventing Niagara'

  • Normally, allegations against politically connected financiers elicit little more than world-weary sighs.

    ECONOMIST: The Stanford affair

  • Only a 14 mile ferry ride off the coast of surf-haven Montauk, NY, the island welcomes world-weary travelers a place of refuge.

    FORBES: Visit Block Island: "A Last Great Place"

  • Neither company is pitching from a position of dominance, which it would have done in previous eras, but rather one of world-weary self interest.


  • There is a laconic, world-weary protagonist in the person of Inky Lautner, whose negotiation of his urban underworld works as a sort of noir bildungsroman.

    FORBES: Jewish Action Heroes: A Review of Neal Pollack's 'Jewball'

  • And he probably looked pretty cool dragging from it, too, conveying desperation as he inhaled deeply and world-weary satisfaction as he exhaled a cloud of carcinogen-filled smoke.

    FORBES: Nicotine Addiction And The Birth Of Modern Medicine

  • Day-Lewis gives us a stooped, world-weary president at once deeply passionate about doing what is right and willing to cheat and bend the law as he sees fit.

    FORBES: Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Lives Up To The Hype

  • Take a Portuguese guitar, a soulful singer and a generous dollop of tender, world-weary melancholy and you have fado: the music that has been the soundtrack to Lisbon life for centuries.

    BBC: Nine culture-filled weekends in Europe

  • John Cusack brings an affecting, lightly parodistic ardor to the role of a romantic, prematurely world-weary student the kind of character who could have thought up this cockeyed pessimist of a movie.

    NEWYORKER: Shadows and Fog

  • Even the Poles, who take America's commitment to liberty much more seriously than their world-weary western European neighbours, complain that Mr Bush has been too soft with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, over Chechnya.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Pacino's looking his age at last, but it suits his world-weary Dormer to a tee, Hilary Swank makes good use of what would be a throwaway support role in any other thriller, and Robin Williams?

    BBC: Insomnia: Your views

  • It makes sense that Bachmann's remarkable new To the Races marks his first conventional album as a solo act: Shedding the prickly remoteness that has made him an acquired taste, he crafts a spare collection that pairs his gruff, world-weary lyrics with a newfound approachability.

    NPR: Touring the World, but Always Lost

  • The inquisitions and pogroms, wars and revolutions, famines and despots and extremism that have scarred Europe for millennia explain why Europeans still look at the world with a weary eye, are suspicious of all-knowing religions and ideologies, and are reluctant to get involved in foreign military adventures.

    WSJ: Gareth Harding: Europe Reborn

  • It may have been unauthorised and unsolicited - the creative homework of a junior official - but its indignant tone catches something of the frustrations of a continent weary of expressing gratitude, and increasingly determined to meet the outside world as partners rather than supplicants.

    BBC: Madonna, Malawi and the infamous attack

  • Weary of being targets for every pirate in the Caribbean, Spain decided from then on to ship its New World plunder the long way around, via Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America.

    BBC: In search of pirates in Panama

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