• Block booking is an illegal tactic in which studios force theaters to make room for weak movies in order to obtain the rights to show potential blockbusters.

    CNN: Justice Dept. launches movie studio antitrust probe

  • Unemployment has fallen rapidly in all three, though as in the Midwest that is partly because of weak labour-force growth, a turnaround from the boom years when migrants from other states flooded in.

    ECONOMIST: The economy

  • On an August conference call with analysts, Cohen blamed the results on a historically weak first quarter and reshuffling in Opnet's sales force.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Not long afterward, having decided that the Whig Party was weak and outmoded, Seward became a primary force in the birth of the Republican Party.

    NEWYORKER: Union Man

  • Equally importantly, the Higgs allows two of the four forces in nature -- the electromagnetic force and the weak force, which is responsible for most nuclear reactions -- to be unified and described by mathematics of the same type that describe the other two known forces, the so-called strong force and gravity.

    CNN: Higgs and the holy grail of physics

  • Part of the appeal of a preventive institution-building strategy such as this is that it costs far less than having to intervene with military force in places, such as Somalia, where weak states have already failed.

    ECONOMIST: Africa and the ��war on terror��

  • The electroweak force is a synthesis of two previously identified forces of nature, electromagnetism (itself a synthesis, carried out in the 19th century, of the electric and magnetic forces), and the weak nuclear force, which governs radioactive decay.

    ECONOMIST: The 1999 Nobel prizes

  • People, most journalists included, just assumed that the large decline in the unemployment rate on weak employment growth was caused by discouraged workers dropping out of the labor force.

    FORBES: What Ben Bernanke's Getting Right, And What He's Getting Wrong

  • Sterile neutrinos differ from ordinary neutrinos (electrically neutral particles produced in abundance by the nuclear reactions that power the sun) because ordinary neutrinos feel the weak nuclear force, while sterile ones do not.

    ECONOMIST: Research from the beginning of time

  • New sectors are expanding into emerging markets like the automobile industry in Shanghai, and accounting and law in Hong Kong and sparking demand for high-end rentals, as weak European economies force companies to look elsewhere for business.

    WSJ: Big Rent Increases for Expat Housing Around the World

  • We must accept that the conventional, kid-gloves approach to socially responsible investing -- divesting shares in "bad" companies that nevertheless continue to exist -- is too weak an instrument to force change and its well-meaning practitioners too soft to enter the fray when emotionally and politically charged battles need to be fought.

    CNN: Freedom Group, a gunmaker ripe for an ethical takeover

  • Members of the council were preparing to circumvent her leadership and force a floor vote, an unprecedented move in modern times that would have made the speaker appear weak.

    WSJ: Sick-Pay Debate Rages

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