• Osney Lock Hydro (OLH) has planning permission for a water turbine on the River Thames at Osney Lock.

    BBC: Oxford's Osney Lock hydroelectric plant cash total raised

  • West Oxford Community Renewables has planning permission for a water turbine on the River Thames at Osney Lock.

    BBC: Design for Osney hydro plant

  • He has also worked on wave-powered dynamo which he claimed could produce enough energy to pump and collect water for hydroelectric turbine.

    CNN: Lucien Gambarota: Alternative energy pioneer

  • The salt of the seawater draws the fresh water across the membrane, leading to a build-up of pressure which forces water through the turbine, generating electricity.

    FORBES: Getting Power From Salty Water

  • The device is a hinged flap connected to the sea-bed which uses wave power to deliver high-pressure water to an onshore turbine.

    BBC: Commercial hopes for wave energy

  • Rather than create electricity by heating water and turning a turbine, Wilson's new reactor would use nuclear fission to produce energy from molten salt.

    CNN: Save the planet, then finish high school

  • The idea of using a liquid with a lower boiling point than water to drive a turbine is nothing new it has simply not proved worthwhile in the past.

    ECONOMIST: Geologists are getting more juice out of the ground

  • He said the floodwater had deposited a bank of soil in the channels they had built to take water away from the turbine and back into the River Rea.

    BBC: Shropshire

  • Then there is one of the oldest ways of getting power out from the sun: solar "thermal" installations, which absorb the sun's energy, transforming it into heat so it can boil water and run a turbine.

    FORBES: The Sunshine Economy

  • Geothermal power plants turn hot water into steam or vapor to run a turbine and generate electricity, after which the water is injected back into the underground geothermal reservoir.

    FORBES: Scaling Geothermal in Central America

  • Heat from the sun boils water to run a steam turbine generator, which delivers power to the grid.

    FORBES: A solar project's funding freezes up.

  • BrightSource generates electricity using an approach called concentrated solar power, in which computer-controlled mirrors, known as heliostats, focus the sun's heat to boil water and turn a steam turbine.

    ECONOMIST: Energy storage

  • In traditional geothermal energy, engineers drill near a geyser, hot spring or volcano, stick a valve and turbine on the hot water, and that's pretty much it.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The oil, which glows purplish when hot, flows to an adjacent power plant, where it boils water into steam that runs a turbine, and is pumped back to do it all over again.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • From there the trash is fed into three boilers that burn at 2, 000 degrees, heating water to create steam that spins a 60-megawatt turbine.

    FORBES: How To Burn Trash For Power

  • Two or three others were hospitalized and released after contact with radioactive water in the partially flooded basement of a Fukushima Daiichi turbine power building.

    FORBES: Media Hype Over Nuclear Energy Increases Anxiety And Confusion

  • The firm, partly funded by Statoil, Norway's energy giant, estimates that each will cost about as much as a fixed-base turbine placed in 30 or 40 metres of water.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • The first step is to get highly radioactive water out of the flooded basements of the units' turbine plants, then figure out how badly the equipment inside has been damaged.


  • As solar panel prices have plunged, developers like Solar Millennium have abandoned solar thermal technology, which uses huge mirror arrays to heat water to create steam that drives an electricity-generating turbine.

    FORBES: U.S. Solar Market Jumps 69% in Q2 But Likely To Cool Off

  • SWAY, a company based in Bergen, Norway, is developing turbine floaters that can operate in 150 metres of water.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • Ivanpah is a solar concentrator project, using fields of mirrors, known as heliostats, to concentrate sunlight onto a solar receiver on top of a tower. (This project when finished will include 173, 000 heliostats.) The concentrated sunlight is used to heat water, generating steam which is used to turn a traditional turbine and generator to produce electricity.

    FORBES: Google Invests $168 Million In BrightSource Energy Solar Plant

  • In December a company called Blue H Technologies, based in Oosterhout in the Netherlands, placed a half-size prototype turbine about 20km off the coast of southern Italy in water 108 metres deep.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • When pressure forces the water up other, nearby wells, it is hot enough to run a turbine and produce electricity.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The other aspects of the build include the turbine halls, standby power generators and a pumping station for the cooling water, interim waste storage facilities as well as a visitors' centre.

    BBC: New nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C is approved

  • In the most serious known injuries due to radiation at Fukushima, three workers who suffered radiation burns inside the turbine building beside Reactor No. 3, are now reported to have been standing in water that tested 3.9 becquerels of radioactivity per cubic centimeter a figure that is 10, 000 times higher that what is normally found inside a functioning nuclear power vessel.

    FORBES: Japan's Government Expands Danger Zone; Unit 3 Breach 'Likely'

  • Water there is pumped uphill to a reservoir when electricity is cheap and then released back down through a turbine to generate electricity to sell on when it is more expensive for suppliers to buy.

    BBC: The view down into the top quarry - Chwarel Fawr

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