• The Chinguetti development will include six production wells, four water injection wells, and a gas injector well, attached to a permanently moored floating production, storage and offloading vessel situated in about 800 metres of water.

    BBC: NEWS | Business | Woodside to pump Mauritania oil

  • He and his top engineers meet several times a week with U.S. officials, including Crear, on how to repair existing equipment, like the 100, 000-gallon-a-minute water treatment plant near Gharmat Ali, essential to restoring water injection into the Rumallah oilfields.

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  • As of March 28, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcment (BOEMRE) of the Department of the Interior had received 31 deepwater drilling permit applications for offshore drilling activities like water injection wells and drilling from a fixed rig that were still allowed under the moratorium.

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  • Even though conventional vaccines are transported as dry powder rather than in solution, they still need to be dissolved in water before injection.

    ECONOMIST: Vaccines

  • Fracking involves the injection of water containing a surfactant and various other chemicals under high pressure into a source rock e.g. shale, causing the latter to fracture and release natural gas (principally methane).

    FORBES: British "Fracking" Causes Earthquake -- What Now?

  • And then they send down a very high-speed injection of water into the well casing, and of course that flows into the rock and it puts little - tiny little hairline cracks in the rock, opens it up.

    NPR: Drilling for Gas in Dallas-Fort Worth

  • Further, although thousands of CBM wells are fractured annually, EPA did not find confirmed evidence that drinking water wells have been contaminated by hydraulic fracturing fluid injection into CBM wells.

    FORBES: EPA's Fracking Hysteria

  • And each frack job requires the injection of millions of gallons of chemical-laced water.

    FORBES: Shale Gas Frackers Get Excited About ... A New Sponge?

  • Hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of fluid consisting of approximately 99.5% water and sand (the rest consists of common industrial or even household chemicals or materials) through wells constructed with protective casing and cement, into producing shale formations.

    FORBES: Why Anti-Fracking Groups Are Shifting Their Story From Water To Air Quality

  • This part of Texas is in the core of the Eagle Ford s hale, currently the most profitable oil and gas field in the U.S. The people around here understand that the fracking of this shale, the injection of billions of gallons of sand-and-chemical-laden water, takes place 2 miles beneath the ground.

    FORBES: Energy's Latest Battleground: Fracking For Uranium

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