• It can end up in artificial water supply systems, including air conditioning systems, water services and cooling towers.

    BBC: Legionnaires' Disease bacteria

  • In July, a trainload of Metro-North passengers was stranded for about an hour without water or air conditioning near Westport, Conn.

    WSJ: A Ride Home, Anonymously

  • It's part of a massive system that has left one in three Americans baking in scorching heat and has threatened lives and doled out misery for those not fortunate enough to find a splash of cool water or air conditioning.


  • The prisoners say that they have been denied water and that the air conditioning was being kept frigid to punish them during a hunger strike.

    NPR: Yemenis Demand Release Of Guantanamo Detainees

  • The collector also promises to do more with sunlight once it's trapped: since the microchannels should absorb more than half of the waste heat, their hot water byproduct can either be filtered into drinkable water or converted into air conditioning.


  • Used water is treated and then either safely disposed of, reused for industrial purposes or air-conditioning, or mixed with reservoir water for drinking.

    ECONOMIST: Every drop counts | The

  • The 12, 700-square-foot Energy Star-certified house was crafted from low-toxic materials, withstood air tightness tests on the insulation, and has a water furnace geothermal system that provides hot water, radiant floor heat and air conditioning.

    FORBES: Off-The-Grid Mansions

  • If the tarmac delay is more than an hour, the airline must provide air conditioning, use of toilets and water.

    BBC: EU unveils new air passenger rights

  • They outfit their three technicians' vehicles with five-gallon water jugs and check that the air-conditioning units are always functioning properly.

    WSJ: Login/Register to set your edition

  • She blasted the air conditioning and spritzed the bird with water after zoo staff instructed her to keep it cool.

    NPR: Penguin Found Stranded On New Zealand Beach Dies

  • The disease is usually spread through mist that comes from a water source, such as cooling towers, air conditioning or showers.

    CNN: Two workers possible victims of Legionnaire's

  • Neighbouring Long Coast Seasports (852-8104-6222) rents both small and roomy tents with different degrees of furnishing -- some even have air-conditioning -- as well as an array of water sports equipment including kayaks, bodyboards and skimboards.

    BBC: Beach camping in Hong Kong

  • The ship generates and distributes its own power, provides and maintains sanitation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and makes several hundred thousand gallons of water every day from sea water.

    FORBES: What Is It Like To Be The Commanding Officer Of An Aircraft Carrier?

  • In the summertime the pumped water starts off warmer than the earth, but the warmth is absorbed by the earth, and the water comes back up at 57 degrees and is used as an air-conditioning refrigerant.

    FORBES: Fort Knox's Buried Treasure

  • For example, because normal air conditioning is inadequate for lunar conditions, we were required to use cold water to cool the interior of our suits.

    FORBES: Neil Armstrong on the First Moonwalk

  • The air conditioning was shut off, he said, and as the ship grew hotter bottled water was passed around.

    BBC: Royal Caribbean cruise cancelled in Bahamas after fire

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