• He could run a hose down from the house, and, yes, he had put a hot-water line through the basement out to the back, and, in the dead of winter, with his 50 amp heater running and a drain in the middle of the concrete floor, he could wash his MG convertible, dreaming of tomorrow and his escape.

    FORBES: Zero Dollar Fix

  • China's Huawei submerged its Ascend D2 phone for the benefit of attendees at the Mobile World Congress, and Kyocera added a water-resistant Hydro smartphone to its line last summer.

    CNN: Waterproof phones and tablets make a splash

  • So Depot convinced Rheem, a division of Japan's Paloma Industries and the biggest water-heater maker, to slap GE's name on a line of water heaters.

    FORBES: Profit in a big orange box

  • During her five-day cruise, a water line broke in the hallway ceiling near her cabin, and a separate sewer line broke outside the main dining hall, she said.

    NPR: Carnival Cancels 12 More Cruises On Troubled Ship

  • Plans call for 21 underwater rooms, with big windows looking out into the Persian Gulf, and a disc-shaped luxury hotel attached above the water line.

    WSJ: Dubai's New Boom Is Hotel Rooms

  • The Ben-my-Chree suffered damage approximately four metres above its water line but no passengers were injured.

    BBC: Isle of Man ferry collision: Ben-my-Chree back in service

  • The water reflected the gray-blue of the darkening sky, and the lights of the water-pumping stations had come on, making them look like a line of floating gazebos.

    NEWYORKER: Great Experiment

  • Mr. WHITAKER: You could do a query to identify all parcels with a particular zoning designation within so many feet of three-phase electrical power and so many feet of a water line, and the three properties left to put your business or your school would light up.

    NPR: Security Officials Seek to Block Some Online Maps

  • The bottom line: off-shore, especially ultra-deep water, has been almost entirely responsible for sustaining increased global and U.S. production.

    FORBES: U.S. Needs Deepwater Drilling Or It's In Deep Doo-Doo

  • The drainage will help disperse excess ground water and a specialist flexible waterproof liner mat will be used to re-line and seal the canal.

    BBC: Work starts to repair breached Trent and Mersey Canal

  • At Exeter, Network Rail is using a water-filled tube to act as a dam to protect the main railway line between London Paddington and Penzance from flooding.

    BBC: Braunton 'cut off' by flood water as rain hits Devon

  • Fast-flowing flood water at Copplestone led to the temporary suspension of trains on the Tarka Line, with buses replacing trains between Crediton and Barnstaple.

    BBC: More snow is forecast overnight in Devon

  • Mud and water has been slowing down their efforts but they are hoping to complete the line by mid-March.

    BBC: Bluebell Railway extension

  • For the first time in 30 years, Rubbermaid is changing the utilitarian design of its water pitcher, adding a swoosh-like handle and a rubbery bottom-half to match a new line of kitchen gewgaws.

    FORBES: Rebirth of a salesman

  • For the first time in 30 years, Rubbermaid is changing the unadorned, utilitarian design of its water pitcher, adding a swoosh-like handle and a rubbery bottom-half to match a new line of kitchen gewgaws like butter dishes and pepper shakers.

    FORBES: Rebirth of a Sales Man

  • The bottom line is that most people who lightly exercise do not need sports drinks or even coconut water- plain water is just fine.

    FORBES: The Truth Behind The Coconut Water Craze

  • In developing its series of abodes, Greystoke Mahale, perched on the shores of Lake Tanganyika (the second largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world), placed the shelters just inside the tree line, creating a front-door view that is nothing but white sand and the glimmering water beyond.

    FORBES: Where We're Going Glamping

  • The line cut across the water to the side of the boat, then veered beneath the hull before re-emerging a minute or two later.

    WSJ: Fishing for Shark in Destin, Fla.

  • "We think something on the line of 3 inches over six hours would probably put 2 to 4 feet of water in the lower-lying sections of the city, " said Lt.

    CNN: With Rita strengthening, Galveston orders evacuation

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