• We saw a number of Electric Imp demos and appliance ideas at the booth including a simple hand-held "detonator" toggle switch with LED, seven-segment counter, water level sensor, servo-controlled gauge, RGB light, power socket, Christmas light, power monitor, toy washing machine, 16x16 LED display and receipt printer (the latter two being combined to show the avatars and tweets of anyone mentioning the Electric Imp) -- all Internet aware.

    ENGADGET: Hands-on with the Electric Imp at Maker Faire (video)

  • In fact, several of the more sophisticated spots are in hotels, including the glass-walled Blu Horizon in the Shangri-La overlooking Sydney Harbour, Hemmesphere in the Establishment Hotel and the cavernous lobby-level Water Bar in BLUE Sydney.

    FORBES: Travel

  • All recommendations revolved around the need for water cooperation at all level as crucial means to overcome water-related challenges.

    UNESCO: Indigenous Peoples

  • At the local level, water-user associations responsible for the management and maintenance of irrigation canals have been set up with foreign help.

    ECONOMIST: The heavy costs of non-co-operation

  • The Japanese government alarmed neighboring countries in April last year when it approved the discharge of 10, 000 tons of low-level radioactive water from the plant as Tepco ran out of space to store the water used to cool reactors.

    WSJ: New Leak at Japan Reactor Threatens Ocean

  • The flat-bottom boat balanced precariously just barely above water level, a skilled rower standing and pushing gondola-style from the back.

    BBC: Safari by water in southern Africa

  • "The whole site is much wetter than previously - although, the water level is never deeper than 3.6ft (1.1m), " Ms Gage said.

    BBC: Salt marsh returns to bomb site at South Efford reserve

  • Two decades after Al Gore's historic hearings and James Hansen's histrionic Earth temperature-tipping point prognostications replete with dire eyeball-sizzling, sea level-surging, North Pole-melting, Water World-producing consequences, the planet seems to have entered another cooling phase.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It was a massive undertaking, requiring a 7-story dam below the water level of the adjacent Hudson River.

    FORBES: The Bathtub. Lower Manhattan's Wall Against Water.

  • Despite widespread exposure to risk, relatively few respondents report board-level oversight of their water policies, strategies or plans (39%), and even fewer report setting concrete targets or goals (30%).

    FORBES: How Scarce Does Water Need to Get Before It's Valuable?

  • Tokyo Electric is now grappling with where to put the stuff, even dumping thousands of tons of less-radioactive water into the Pacific to make room for it in a reservoir for low-level waste.


  • Tuesday as a result of circulating-water pumps being affected by high river level and debris in the waterway.

    FORBES: Storm Shuts 3 Nuke Plants; 'Alert' Remains At Oyster Creek

  • The Boogie Board Jot Jacket is a fitted water-resistant neoprene sleeve that provides the highest level of protection and is ideal for taking the Boogie Board Jot eWriter wherever you go.

    ENGADGET: Boogie Board Jot eWriting pad hands-on (video)

  • April 11 data showed only a 7-centimeter drop in the Guri water level and an even bigger increase in water intake 1, 035 cubic meters per second over a one-day period.

    FORBES: Venezuela's Dodgy Energy Data

  • Syria contends that the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin agreed during lower-level peace talks that stalled in 1996 to return the Golan, a water-rich region that overlooks the upper Jordan River valley.

    CNN: Albright: 'No done deal' as Israel, Syria prepare to meet

  • They test nearby water wells to determine the level of naturally-occurring methane and other contamination before and after drilling in order to ensure that their drilling and completion activities have not caused any issues.

    FORBES: U.S. Energy Independence - So Close, Yet So Far

  • While Coke may be able to differentiate Dasani because it adds minerals to improve the taste, Dixon questions its recently adopted three-tier water strategy, which puts Evian as the premier brand, Dasani at the mid-level, and Dannon at the bottom.

    FORBES: Water World

  • Desperate families are turning to private water sources - without realising that this water too is contaminated, often at 10 times the safe level, the report says.

    BBC: Gaza water too contaminated to drink, say charities

  • Sediment-carrying rivers have been diverted, sea level has risen (increasing the volume of water in the lagoon), a deep-water channel has been dredged for shipping, and turbid waters are killing the eel grass that stabilises mud flats.

    ECONOMIST: Flood barriers

  • You can watch the surrounding city from indoors and see a landscaped, energy-saving, water-collecting, "living" roof from one level above.

    WSJ: How Dallas Does Philanthropy: Perot Museum of Nature and Science

  • Sadly, due to the nature of the seawater, even when the water has dried, what is left of his split-level ranch-style home will still smell like the bay.

    FORBES: What Small Biz Can Learn From The Big Guys: Partnering Is Still The Best Way To Grow

  • Watershed-level management is becoming a buzzword globally as water managers realize their machinations have widespread effects.

    FORBES: What Governments Can Do to Help Business

  • Yorkshire Water claims the station at Kingswood would provide five-times the level of flood protection for the area.

    BBC: Yorkshire Water to appeal over pumping station plan

  • Depending on the water level, the whitewater on the 7.3-mile stretch can range from nearly Class III rapids to rocky riverbeds that require walking, he said.

    WSJ: OUT THERE: Upper Hudson opening to canoeists

  • This is the first high-level UN event dedicated to the issue of water and disasters, and it seeks to raise awareness, share best practices and experiences, and discuss future global actions on water and disasters.


  • It will also discuss the main messages of the thematic consultation on water within the post-2015 development agenda to the UN High-level Panel.

    UNESCO: World Water Day on Water Cooperation

  • Poul Engberg-Pedersen (IUCN) proposed that thinking about the energy-water-food nexus lifts sustainability from a CSR issue to the strategic business level.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Limited agricultural productivity, continued land degradation and water scarcity have made food self-sufficiency goals unachievable at the national or regional level.


  • Their role in water cycles is integral to water resource management from the level of a local pond right up to trans-national river basins.


  • Meanwhile, engineers are continuing to pump some 11, 500 tonnes of low-level radioactive seawater into the sea so the more highly contaminated water from reactor No 2 can be stored in waste buildings.

    BBC: Japan quake: Nitrogen pumped into nuclear reactor

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