• Medication waste has been reduced, meaning fewer unused drugs go into the waste treatment system and substantial costs are eliminated.

    FORBES: One Way To Fix Health Care's Obesity Problem

  • For two weeks 20 Bechtelians tried to estimate the cost of repairing roads, airports, hospitals, power plants and waste treatment systems.

    FORBES: Contacts For Contracts

  • The Environmental Protection Agency has noted that nanotech may provide revolutionary advances in pollution prevention, detection and waste treatment and remediation.

    FORBES: Nanotech Vs. The Green Gang

  • Every day four waste treatment plants feed more than 250 million gallons of nitrogen filled wastewater into the bay, a massive expanse of 20, 000 acres of water sitting where Brooklyn and Queens meet at their southernmost point.

    FORBES: Oysters Are Back In New York City Waters

  • In the Aug. 23 memo, the DOE official responsible for supervising engineering at the facility, Gary Brunson, calls for Bechtel to be immediately removed as the design agent for the novel Waste Treatment Plant (WTP), which was supposed to begin operation last year.

    FORBES: Bechtel Incompetent To Complete Hanford Nuclear Waste Cleanup: DOE Memo

  • Now, companies with plants that use or produce chemicals on the list have to complete a long form (one form per chemical, per plant), which tells exactly how much of the chemical is used or produced and where it is going (air, water, recycling, waste treatment).

    FORBES: Toxic Neighbors?

  • Small business has historically been a powerful engine of job creation and yet it is shying away from one of the biggest growth opportunities of our time: the Clean Economy, broadly defined here to include not only renewable energy, public mass transit, and waste treatment but all goods and services with environmental benefits.

    FORBES: Why Small Businesses Should Be Adding More Green Jobs

  • He set fire to an electric guitar alone onstage in front of a stunned crowd at the opening of Clarion Hotel Union Brygge in Drammen. (The newest addition to his empire opens Wednesday in Oslo, a luxurious art hotel named The Thief.) In Britain in 2002 he chained himself to the gate of a waste treatment plant to protest nuclear power.

    FORBES: This Is Why I'm Hot, Billionaire Style

  • By 2015, the government intends to add 42 million tons of daily sewage treatment capacity to increase its urban waste water treatment rate to 85 percent.

    FORBES: Quenching China's Thirst For Water

  • For instance, water pumps and waste water treatment plants rely on electricity, so when power is lost for long periods of time, reserves are depleted and bottled water must be transported into the zone, usually by truck.

    FORBES: Startup Aims To Install Pipelines With Helicopters...Seriously!

  • Buenos Aires and its suburbs have only three waste-water treatment plants for 10m residents, and often suffer flash floods that drench entire avenues.

    ECONOMIST: Argentina’s state-owned firms

  • Nafa Kalaf Al Janabie, an Iraqi-American praised by Mr Powell, is the president of Detroit Contracting, a waste-water treatment company that recently opened an office in Baghdad, where it hopes to benefit from American and United Nations contracts.

    ECONOMIST: Arab-Americans: That patronising tone | The

  • Because the company is a leader in its field of water and waste-water treatment in China, it has enjoyed access to bank financing in the past, and has even been able to raise capital in the United States by selling its shares on NASDAQ.

    FORBES: China's SMEs Access The Bond Market

  • Solid waste combustion, sewage treatment, stone quarrying, marinas, and oil and coal-fired power plants have air pollution damages larger than their value added.

    FORBES: Pollution Costs More Than What is Produced to Make the Pollution

  • Across Europe the price of water has gone up along with higher European standards for the purity of drinking water and for the treatment of waste.

    ECONOMIST: Profit stream

  • The argument turns on the treatment of waste water.

    ECONOMIST: Boue to you too

  • FuelCell Energy touts the ability of its fuel cells to directly process a hydrocarbon, such as natural gas or waste gas from a sewage treatment facility.

    FORBES: Beltway Bet: FuelCell Energy

  • Two other competing systems, pre-treatment by a nuclear waste technology firm Kurion and fine removal by energy conglomerate Areva, cleaned the other four.

    FORBES: Major Milestones Passed At The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

  • New companies often send hazardous waste out of their plants because they have not yet invested in on-site treatment equipment, which allows them to recycle some waste.

    NPR: Solar Industry Grapples With Hazardous Wastes

  • Three main topics will be tackled, namely removal of particulate and colloidal matter within drinking water production and in wastewater treatment, and reduction of colloidal carriers mobilised from waste disposals.

    UNESCO: Water Portal | Water Events Worldwide

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