• From Moore's first film Live and Let Die in 1973, violent death was dumbed down.

    BBC: The many faces of Bond

  • Virtually everyone in the shelter -- about 300 people -- had similar horrific stories of violent death.

    CNN: Life and death under Syria's military onslaught

  • But his violent death clearly came as a shock and she looked bewildered.

    BBC: Putting a face to the conflict in Thailand's south

  • Today, a young person who had witnessed or been responsible for the violent death of a sibling would almost certainly receive therapy.

    NEWYORKER: A Loaded Gun

  • You subsequently died a violent death in Washington, infamous but unknown.

    FORBES: A Eulogy For PIPA After Its Violent Death In Washington

  • Also the hermits of third-century Egypt, the so-called daemon meridianus, when their prayers were stultified by pointlessness and tedium and a longing for violent death.

    NEWYORKER: Wiggle Room

  • We now live longer, happier, healthier lives, are vastly less likely to die a violent death or to face persecution for our religious beliefs, skin color or sexual orientation.

    FORBES: The Dark Side of Technology

  • But he became more well-known for his action movies, especially the violent Death Wish series, starring Charles Bronson as an architect who turns vigilante after his wife and daughter are murdered.

    BBC: Michael Winner: Death Wish director dies aged 77

  • Byer of The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee for her heartwarming photographs of a grandfather raising three grandchildren after the violent death of his daughter and the loss of his wife to cancer.

    WSJ: 2013 Pulitzer winners in journalism and arts

  • Archaeologists say the man they found appears to have met a violent death: There is evidence of a severe blow to the skull, and an arrowhead was found among the skeleton's vertebrae.


  • Shattered by his friend's sudden and violent death, an increasingly resolute Mehmet places Berzan's corpse into a plain wooden coffin and vows to bury him in his native village, near the Iraqi border.

    ECONOMIST: Turkish cinema

  • John has become a valued friend, but there is this ironic coincidence: He is the father-in-law of my colleague Paul Klebnikov, whose violent death this year testified to his own bravery in the resistance of evil.

    FORBES: Front-Page News

  • The study indicated that "on average, 128 Iraqis per day died of violent causes in the first year following the invasion" and that the daily average violent death toll was 115 in the second year and 126 in the third year.

    CNN: Study: 151,000 Iraqis slain as of June 2006

  • Archaeologists say their examination of the skeleton shows Richard met a violent death: They found evidence of 10 wounds -- eight to the head and two to the body -- which they believe were inflicted at or around the time of death.

    CNN: February 5, 2013 -- Updated 1411 GMT (2211 HKT)

  • Most of us are aware of studies that show that having a firearm in the home increases rather than decreases your chance of violent injury or death usually through accidents or suicide.

    FORBES: A Useless Study on Gun Possession

  • Even as violent reaction to her death continues throughout the rest of the country, at least 10 people reportedly died overnight during the unrest.

    NPR: Pakistan Weeps for Benazir Bhutto

  • The individual health risk from radiation exposure at Fukushima is very small, he contends, no higher than the risk of death from violent crime in Japan.

    FORBES: How To Quell Radiation Fears? 'Test Everybody'

  • After Mr Hussein decreed that Dawa membership was punishable by death, its members turned violent and fled underground.


  • As Libyans draw strength from their faith -- a religion rooted in peace and tolerance -- let there be a rejection of violent extremism, which offers nothing but death and destruction.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Salutes the People of Libya

  • Global Times, an English-language paper in Beijing, said public support for the death penalty for non-violent crimes was falling, and expressed hope that the supreme court would take heed of this.

    ECONOMIST: Concern over a high-profile death penalty

  • At the outset of the new film, we're told that after killing off most of the British populace in just a few weeks, the virus ran its course, with the snarling, biting infected so consumed by their violent rage that they all starved to death.

    NPR: '28 Weeks Later'

  • Though he's had a few hits, including the violent Jean-Claude Van Damme thriller Sudden Death, Baldwin also has plenty of duds.

    FORBES: Morality Play

  • Though he's had a few hits, including the violent Jean-Claude Van Damme thriller Sudden Death, Baldwin has also made plenty of duds.

    FORBES: Morality Play

  • Mr Jaradat's death comes after a week of violent clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian youths over the continued detention of four hunger strikers.

    BBC: Palestinian prisoners stage fast over inmate death

  • Two men have been sentenced to death in a case that sparked violent clashes between Muslims and Buddhists in Burma, lawyers have told the BBC.

    BBC: Burma unrest: Death sentences in Rakhine murder case

  • In the weeks and months leading up to Mr Brown's death there were a number of "violent incidents" between them.

    BBC: Delaney Brown death: Kyle Beckford guilty of murder

  • Professor Don Roberts of Stanford University thinks that perhaps the children who are already violent or depressed are the people who should be kept away from death metal.

    BBC: NEWS | Programmes | This World | Investigating the 'death metal' murders

  • On Sept. 3 a musician named Carter Albrecht, who was a member of the folk-rock group Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, was shot to death in Dallas after a night of strange and uncharacteristically violent behavior.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The critical reaction to his 1994 retrospective at the Tate was so violent contributing too, he believed, to the untimely death of his second wife, Sandra Fisher that he left England three years later for Los Angeles, and did not return.

    ECONOMIST: R.B. Kitaj

  • Sixteen men faced charges of violent disorder and attempting to wound with intent over Mr Barrett's death at Manchester Crown Court.

    BBC: John Lee Barrett

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