• Critics have been swift to lambast England's style of play come victory or defeat.

    BBC: Martin Johnson's England job is secure - RFU chief

  • Almost every day, there is other news of a victory or defeat somewhere else.

    BBC: Library cuts: The battle of the bookshelves

  • "Squash is a great sport to become a better person, " he explained, counseling humility, whether in victory or defeat.

    WSJ: Squash and Schooling

  • On Wednesday Bush explained that the relative level of violence is not a determinate of victory or defeat because the enemy can use cease-fires to rearm.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Postcards from Saigon

  • This gives the media and the voters a new way of judging the government's actions not whether a policy is good or bad for Britain, but whether it represents a victory or defeat for this or that ministerial faction.

    ECONOMIST: The chancellor

  • So, if Mr Thaksin wins the election, will it be a victory or a defeat for democracy and reform?

    ECONOMIST: Thailand

  • While it will be tempting to pass judgment and declare victory--or deny defeat--in the early weeks, NBC entertainment chief Angela Bromstad spent time earlier Wednesday pledging the network's commitment to the venture, saying NBC will judge the series over its cumulative 52-week run rather than on its week one performance.

    FORBES: Entertainment

  • Some think this state will spell defeat or victory for Mr Romney.

    BBC: Romney must work hard to win Ohio

  • But, if such ratings persist, would he take the risk not utterly trivial, for all his grip on the machinery of the state of undeniable defeat or, at best, a victory that would certainly be disputed?


  • When the Saudi view is contrasted with the consistent Iranian and Syrian goal of dominating Lebanon through Hizbullah, it is clear that the political victory of the anti-Syrian and Iranian forces in 2005 was insufficient to defeat Hizbullah or free Lebanon from the influence of Syria and Iran.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: How not to help "moderates"

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