• How does organizational design relate to urban design, with which it is inextricably linked?

    FORBES: An Organization Design Renaissance

  • All this not only drew sightseers, it won the American Institute of Architects' honour award for urban design.

    ECONOMIST: The state of the cities

  • Good location-based services, he believes, will be integrated with architecture and urban design.

    ECONOMIST: THE INTERNET: The revenge of geography | The

  • The government has also embraced the importance of urban design, endorsing the call for new centres of design and architectural excellence.

    ECONOMIST: Cities

  • He likened it to building a beehive in each community that incorporates academia, industry and other institutions to improve urban design.

    FORBES: BMW, Guggenheim to Design Urban Future

  • By contrast, in places where petrol is undertaxed so the motorists are shielded from the costs of the pollution (America) or where urban design has included public transport as an afterthought (Los Angeles), policy has supported the car.

    ECONOMIST: Driving

  • The Superdome (which is an architectural and urban design monstrosity, like somebody dumped the Starship Enterprise on a vacant lot) has also been heavily subsidized by the taxpayers from the get-go, first when it was built and then during the post-Katrina phase.

    FORBES: The Super Bowl Blackout: "An Abnormality In The System"

  • We saw a need that we knew we could meet, as we built up our rather eclectic (not to say quirky) team, attracting some incredible talent and experience from diverse backgrounds in technology start-ups, NGOs, urban design, political risk consulting, the Peace Corps, aid agencies, policing, rule of law, and the Special Forces.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Tim Stonor of Space Syntax, an urban-design consultancy, points out that the vast majority of the riots took place within a five-minute walk of one of the depressing post-war housing estates which councils are now pulling down.

    ECONOMIST: It’s a London thing

  • Rahul Mehrotra, chair of the department of urban planning and design at the Harvard Design School, has a team on site mapping and photographing the city that has sprung up here.

    FORBES: Why a Harvard Finance Instructor Went to the Kumbh Mela

  • Increasingly these laser cutters are purchased by makers and urban manufacturers who want to design and create their own products.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The Beijing Design Forum brought those festival cities together to help form a new network of cities using design to make urban agglomerations more livable.

    FORBES: Beijing Design Week Signals China's Creative Intent

  • Multi-heritage city-design team innovates for urban water management: Emily Ocon , Catalina Rincon-Arcila , and Amanda Gonzalez are students at St.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

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