• His unstinting advocacy of much smaller government and sounder money goes down well with local Republicans.

    ECONOMIST: The Republicans

  • Plus, Assad benefits from unstinting, brutal Iranian aid, which continues despite the mullah regime's deep economic problems.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Erdogan and Assad at War

  • But while Wilson's vision was unrealistic, he has to be credited for his unstinting devotion to it.


  • He is happy to film whippings, in unstinting detail, or the incarceration of Broomhilda, whom Django has come to save.

    NEWYORKER: Love Hurts

  • But even an unstinting entrepreneur such as Mr Masiyiwa would not have got far without the support of the courts.

    ECONOMIST: Judgment day

  • The party is widely disliked for its corruption and its unstinting support for Mr Suharto throughout his 32 years in power.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia

  • The seeds of victory planted before he arrived were well harvested in the next two years with his unstinting emphasis on execution.

    FORBES: Motorola Rolls In The Wrong Direction

  • This is an about-turn, after the years of unstinting Pakistani support for the Taliban since it helped create the movement in 1995.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan and the Taliban

  • Mr Romero is unstinting in his praise of his own doctor, who works 15-hour shifts sustained only by glasses of sugared water.

    ECONOMIST: What ails Cuba’s health service?

  • From Texas business circles came his unflinching support for free trade and tax-breaks, as well as his unstinting protection of the interests of oil and gas men.

    ECONOMIST: Lloyd Bentsen

  • He had vision, willpower and the unstinting support of Manchester University (where academics and administrators acted with a freedom that their successors nowadays can only dream of).

    ECONOMIST: Bernard Lovell | The

  • Generations of U.S. Marines have exemplified the motto "No better friend, no worse enemy" with their unstinting dependability in the face of adversity, and their ferocity in combat.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: No worse friend, no better enemy

  • It was not even the contrast between this grudging, halfhearted and dreadfully belated action and the resolute, unstinting and swift steps taken earlier at the president's direction to liberate Kuwait.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Return of the syndrome

  • Ron Paul, a libertarian congressman from Texas who commands a small but devoted following for his unstinting hostility to the Federal Reserve and foreign entanglements, is also likely to enter the fray.

    ECONOMIST: The Republicans

  • Ironically, at the very moment that oil prices were at an historical high, the only alternative fuel available to keep gasoline prices from going even higher was facing an unstinting and ferocious attack.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Fact vs. fiction on food vs. fuel

  • The Center's Keeper of the Flame Award recognizes those who have, like Congressman King, exhibited an outstanding commitment to freedom for their unstinting efforts to ensure that the instruments of national power are effectively brought to bear to safeguard it.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • What explains this unstinting conviviality?

    NEWYORKER: You’re Welcome

  • Unless and until President Obama gives comprehensive and tangible expression to America's commitment to Israel-- in terms of reliable military assistance, unstinting diplomatic support and wide latitude to act in its self-defense-- the forces that have been unleashed by him and others will assuredly translate in due course into war.


  • Even as their favorite "moderates" - who at various times have included Arafat, Abbas, security chief Muhammad Dahlan, convicted mass murderer Marwan Barghouti, former PA prime minister Ahmed Qurei and current Fatah Prime Minister Salam Fayad - have all been implicated in terror attacks and funding, both Israel and the US have remained unstinting in their view.


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