• Regular Medicare beneficiaries today have unlimited liability: Medi-care only covers a portion of certain procedures.

    FORBES: Don't Stop Wining

  • Then in 1878 the corrupt City of Glasgow Bank collapsed with unlimited liability, bankrupting hundreds of prominent shareholders.

    FORBES: Golden age redux

  • It exists because traditional names trading with unlimited liability needed a way of getting out of the market.

    ECONOMIST: Lloyd’s of London

  • The current US system has little slack because processes are extremely complex with huge fixed costs and unlimited liability.

    FORBES: Proof Of The Failure Of Free Markets In Medicine

  • Moreover, ownership of unincorporated firms, which carries unlimited liability, was much more tightly linked to the exemption level than was the extent of corporate ownership.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • Unlimited liability meant there was less risk-taking, hence less economic growth.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Moreover, many new partners find the concept of unlimited liability unsettling.

    ECONOMIST: Opening the doors

  • Its already large (though circumscribed) liability in the euro zone, through bail-outs to individual countries, could become something like an unlimited liability for the public and private debts of others.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Khalid and his four brothers inherited NCB upon their father's death in 1994, and a 21% stake was sold to a group of private investors when the bank morphed from an unlimited liability private partnership into a joint stock company.

    FORBES: Banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz is dead at age 60.

  • But for these vigorous conservation measures, the unlimited-liability names might well be an extinct species already.

    ECONOMIST: The Lloyd's insurance market

  • It will be better for the US to realise that the principle of compensation is inevitable - and negotiate a limit on Loss and Damage rather than leave the liability unlimited.

    BBC: Doha climate talks: US faces dilemma over final text

  • However BP is thought to be relieved that it has reached a settlement, because the potential liability was unlimited - although the settlement involves the humiliation for the leading oil company of pleading guilty to criminal charges.

    BBC: BP fined $3bn to $5bn

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