• Just to make your head spin, however, these put-enhanced bank notes have weird terms unlike those in the Chicago options market.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And I think that that's where this is going to be a challenge unlike Los Angeles, unlike Athens, in terms of trying to control not only the emissions, but also, of course, the cars and just the people who are trying to drive those cars, as I said, by a thousand a day.

    NPR: Beijing Air Quality to Challenge Olympic Athletes

  • "Unlike the previous version, these new terms ensure that Apple's developers have the choice of a variety of advertising solutions (including Google and AdMob's) to earn money and fund their apps, " Omar Hamoui, Google's vice president of product management, said in a statement.

    WSJ: Apple Blinks in Apps Fight

  • For outsiders who want to give the peace process another chance, the postponement provides a strong hint that Mr Arafat is ready to extend the Oslo agreement on condition that the next Israeli government (unlike the present one) adheres to its terms.

    ECONOMIST: Palestinians

  • Unlike share prices, house prices rarely plunge in nominal terms.

    ECONOMIST: America's housing market

  • Unlike his more nuanced opponent, he couches straightforward convictions in simple terms.

    ECONOMIST: John McCain

  • Unlike private equity, venture capital is generally discussed in positive and admiring terms.

    FORBES: Private Equity's Public Image Issues

  • In terms of design interface, there is no jaw-dropping moment (unlike the introduction of Path 2.0 way back in November 2011).

    FORBES: Path 3.0 Is Now A Messaging App Too

  • Leading candidates assert that they will be responsible stewards, unlike the firebrand Ahmadinejad, who cannot run again because he is limited to two terms.

    NPR: Next Iran President Likely To Have Gentler Touch

  • Unlike House Speaker Dennis Hastert and minority leader Richard Gephardt, who are barely on speaking terms, Lott and Daschle have a private phone line so they can bypass aides and talk directly to each other.

    CNN: Two-Headed Senate

  • Unlike ILInet, the estimates are produced from a model that uses the activity of certain search terms on Google Websearch.

    FORBES: How Accurate Is Google Flu Trends?

  • Working with the CWU, Royal Mail - unlike many private mail companies - has created good quality, and secure jobs with decent pay, terms and conditions.

    BBC: Royal Mail to create 1,000 jobs at parcels business

  • The terms of these accounts are established by Congress (not the employer), and HSAs, unlike HRAs, are available to self-employed folks, too.

    FORBES: Tax Breaks For Medical Expenses Under ObamaCare

  • Unlike with crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, people who invest through AngelList get a stake in the startup, although terms vary per company and per deal.

    WSJ: Site Unseen: More Angel Investors Look for Startups Via Internet

  • Unlike professional teams, which can be bought and sold on the open market, college teams have value in terms of what kind of dividends they pay to their stakeholders.


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