• All 12 have agreed to fulfil their existing obligations in good faith, but under protest.

    BBC: Saracens players shocked at exits

  • As part of the Merkel cabinet, he supported the Magna deal under protest, arguing that insolvency arrangements might best determine the value of Opel.

    FORBES: Opel's Bumpy Ride

  • Girardi wanted the game played under protest.

    WSJ: Girardi Outburst Spurs Yankees to Victory

  • Nobody who knows me has ever seen me wear a tie except under protest, and the few that I do possess of my own volition are accidental trophies, "given" to me by the maitre d's of places where neckwear is compulsory.

    WSJ: Christopher Hitchens on Forced Merriment, the True Spirit of Christmas

  • At another rally, students wearing clothing patterned after the Venezuelan flag, camped out under awnings to protest the lack of information.

    CNN: President Hugo Chavez 'fighting for his life'

  • What exhausted, overworked parent has time to protest under such conditions?

    WSJ: Erica Jong on the Madness of Modern Motherhood

  • Yesterday the government made a significant u-turn on its controversial work experience scheme to remove any element of compulsion, after coming under pressure from protest groups.

    BBC: 'Unions have been upstaged'

  • Russians have become disillusioned with civil protest under Mr Putin, ever since a referendum against the import of nuclear waste which gathered 2.5m signatures was overturned by the electoral commission on a technicality.

    ECONOMIST: For richer or for poorer? | The

  • Australia's biggest city, Sydney, has switched off its lights for an hour as the Earth Day climate change protest gets under way across the globe.

    BBC: Sydney dims down for Earth Hour climate change protest

  • Hundreds of Peruvian farm workers marched through Lima at the start of a two-day national strike to protest against under-investment in farming by the government.

    ECONOMIST: The world this week | The

  • While some unions have wanted to keep the disputes separate, others have been pushing for a "junction" of the two protest movements under a common theme of the high cost of living.


  • Earlier, protest groups under the G20 Meltdown banner had marched to the Bank of England in the City urging those who had lost their homes, jobs, savings or pensions to join them in following four "horsemen of the apocalypse" to "lay siege" to financial institutions.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Police clash with G20 protesters

  • Though Dale Farm is running split-screen with PMQs on the networks right now, earlier an under-reported but regular protest took place at London's Blackfriars.

    BBC: V is for what? The meaning of the mask

  • Stevens died on September 11, along with three other Americans, when the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi came under attack amid a large protest about a U.S.-made film that mocked the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.


  • Gendarmes in the southwestern town of Samatan lowered their flag to half mast in a symbolic protest at pay, under-resourcing and what they see as inadequate support from the courts.

    CNN: Gendarmes demand extra resources

  • After all, there are mutterings that another bout of protest will soon be under way, this time from the railway workers, angry that they must work harder for their new shorter working week of 35 hours.

    ECONOMIST: France: La rentrée horrible | The

  • Police released arrest figures after the protest by anti-capitalists under the banner Brighton Mayday collective ended on Saturday evening.

    BBC: Eight arrests during Brighton protest

  • Even as states around the country protest that they are financially drowning under Medicaid, President Obama wants to take part of the failed Medicaid model and impose it on Medicare.

    FORBES: Medicare Part D, Not Medicaid Rebates, Is the Model for Reform

  • Earlier this month, Ms Tenemeri, wrapped in a traditional red-checked blanket known as a shuka, joined 1, 000 people, mostly women, under thorny acacia trees at Olorien village to protest at the plans.

    BBC: Tanzania's Maasai battle game hunters for grazing land

  • On 8 April the deputy governor of the Hungarian central bank, Julia Kiraly, resigned in protest at administrative changes made at the bank under Fidesz.

    BBC: Hungary backtracks in row with EU over constitution

  • Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and John Bolton, U.S. ambassador to the U.N. under President George W. Bush, spoke at the protest, which was organized by Iranian opposition groups.

    WSJ: U.S. Walks Out on Ahmadinejad U.N. Speech

  • The Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist, Tawakul Karman, is also boycotting the dialogue in protest at the presence of officials who served under Mr Saleh during his 33 years in power.

    BBC: Yemen national dialogue conference begins

  • In Tel Aviv, tens of thousands of Israelis have been taking part in a demonstration to protest against any withdrawal from the Golan Heights under any future peace deal with Syria.

    BBC: News Online

  • Bond-market investors and commercial bankers are less under threat from bailing-in than their recent howls of protest might suggest.

    ECONOMIST: From bail-out to bail-in

  • One of the best-known figures in the anti-Putin protest movement, Sergei Udaltsov, has been placed under a travel ban by investigators in Moscow.

    BBC: Travel ban for Russian anti-Putin activist Udaltsov

  • The protest had been planned before the Hatfield derailment, under the banner "No More Paddingtons", in reference to last year's crash which killed 31 passengers.

    BBC: Cranes shift train wreckage

  • In April Morgan Stanley and other disaffected investors, representing 28% of the shares in the New York Times Company, ostentatiously withheld their votes at the annual meeting, in protest at the falling share price of the paper under the control of the Ochs-Sulzberger family.

    ECONOMIST: Newspapers

  • All but one member of a Norfolk parish council has resigned in protest against a fellow councillor they claim has put them under "considerable stress".

    BBC: Church in Kirby Cane, Norfolk

  • In Anchorage, Alaska, a group was planning to converge on city hall to hold a carol-singing protest in defence of Christmas customs they believe to be under threat, such as the habit of wishing someone "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays".

    BBC: War on Christmas: Is the festival under attack?

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