• Later chapters sag, perhaps unavoidably, under the weight of Golding's gathering fame and honours the Booker, the Nobel.

    ECONOMIST: William Golding

  • Put it another way, these forecasts are wildly, unavoidably, sensitive to even small changes in the underlying assumptions.

    BBC: OBR report: Be aware, not afraid

  • It, the presidency, is unavoidably about offering clear leadership for all the American people and a watching, always unsettled world.

    WSJ: Henninger: Presidential Followership

  • Unfortunately, what Ecuadorians voted for was the birth of a totalitarian or semi-totalitarian project that unavoidably will bring about future conflict.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Chavez's repression continues

  • Something like stock-car racing, by contrast, is dangerous, but not unavoidably so.

    NEWYORKER: Offensive Play

  • Government regulation, they believe, will unavoidably follow the use of government dollars.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • The problem with cases like this is that the invasion of privacy is unavoidably increased by taking your case into the federal court system.

    FORBES: Woman sues ex-boyfriend for sending sex photos to her family and co-workers

  • Being known by Magda is a messy and unavoidably carnal experience.

    NEWYORKER: Magda Mandela

  • Tyco's accounts are unavoidably labyrinthine, but they are also frequently restated.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • In some instances the rights of same-sex couples will unavoidably trump religious liberty rights -- for example, the much discussed question of visits to spouses in intensive care units.

    CNN: Will gay rights infringe on religious liberty?

  • But the question it unavoidably throws up is why are they spending valuable studio time recording other people's songs, when they could be writing a few of their own?

    BBC: Garage Inc - Metallica

  • Which brings us, unavoidably, to "Leatherheads, " the disappointingly leaden, if eager-to-please attempt by George Clooney, the movie's star and director, to evoke the screwball comedies of Hawks, Cukor and Sturges.

    WSJ: Film Review

  • As such the religious right is unavoidably hypocritical.

    FORBES: Holy Scripture and the Welfare State

  • Nonetheless, the color grey which mainstream fashion has been flirting with for the past few years and now, thanks to the book, the mainstream Western World is unavoidably au fait with is the shade of the season.

    WSJ: Tina Gaudoin on Style: Twenty Five Shades of You Know What��

  • The outlook for homeowners is unavoidably grim.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Describing this unavoidably means using technical terms jargon.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • With them, unavoidably, have come numerous global financial crisis (the 2008 meltdown had several Internet-borne precursors, he notes), attacks on our privacy, impoverishment of opportunities in much of the developed world and ecological ruin in the developing world.

    FORBES: The Next Internet Disaster, and the Next...

  • A. and has now entangled the top American commander in Afghanistan underscores a danger that civil libertarians have long warned about: that in policing the Web for crime, espionage and sabotage, government investigators will unavoidably invade the private lives of Americans.

    FORBES: David Petraeus: Why You Should Be Worried About His Privacy

  • Castro is not Hitler, but Le Batard's claim that Castro is "our Hitler" -- a sentiment echoed by many exiles -- points unavoidably to the fact that the way Cuban-Americans feel about Castro is a lot like the way Jews feel about Hitler.

    CNN: Is Castro Cuban-Americans' Hitler?

  • Coughlin and Guandolo would give President Obama a chance to defeat today's enemies - and avoid the buck that will otherwise ultimately and unavoidably stop at his desk: the needless loss of large numbers of American lives at the hands of jihadists bent on our destruction.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Where does 'the buck stop'?

  • So as he said at the top, that would mean -- because the FAA is such a big chunk of the Department of Transportation and unavoidably would be affected by furloughs -- that you would have only the number of takeoffs and landings that the system could bear with a reduced staff.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

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