• It has an addicting umami quality to it, you take one sip and need several more.

    FORBES: Mylkman Delivers A True All Natural Dairy "Mylk" Alternative

  • The human tongue can detect five distinct tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.

    CNN: Sweet! Researchers' device 'tastes' sweeteners

  • Umami-rich ingredients are now regular fare on the British Airways in-flight menu, courtesy of Heston Blumenthal.

    BBC: A possible end to plane food

  • Fish sauce is the same but a way to add umami to any dish.

    FORBES: Flavor Bomb - The New Chef's Secret Ingredient You Can Use Too

  • It turns out that Parmigiano-Reggiano contains more umami elements than almost any other cheese (or any food).

    FORBES: Most Parmesan Cheeses In America Are Fake, Here's Why

  • As a result they are too fishy, too salty, but not enough umami.

    FORBES: Flavor Bomb - The New Chef's Secret Ingredient You Can Use Too

  • This form of kombu releases even more umami flavor into the stock, and it is compact and easy to store, as well.

    WSJ: Kelp Wanted

  • Derived naturally from the amino acid glutamate, umami has an unusual capacity to draw out and highlight the flavors of other ingredients.

    WSJ: Kelp Wanted

  • Remember you, want to hit sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.

    FORBES: How To Taste Spirits

  • Their research was complicated by the fact that of the five primary taste sensations salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami the taste of salt is the least understood.

    NEWYORKER: Snacks for a Fat Planet

  • Sites like GetGlue, Miso, Umami, IntoNow and others have added a new dimension to the TV viewing experience one that benefits viewers, programmers and advertisers.

    FORBES: My Big Messy Social Life

  • Other airlines have been increasing their use of umami, which is one of the five basic tastes discovered by the Japanese (together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty).

    BBC: A possible end to plane food

  • The granola is not overly sweet, super crunchy, carries a hint of umami from the nuts and toasted coconut, and has just a hint of spice from the cinnamon.

    FORBES: Snack Attack: By Hand Granola

  • Umami, the savory "fifth taste" that gives foods like anchovies and shiitake mushrooms their meaty depth, is found in kombu in a greater concentration than in any other food.

    WSJ: Kelp Wanted

  • This turns out to be a good thing, because the salted pork fat brings out the delicate umami flavor of the mushroom even better than a blanket of cheese could.

    NEWYORKER: Gwynnett St

  • When compounds in the brine combine in the taste buds with some of those left by the whiskey, they create a pleasant umami flavor that isn't present in either liquid alone.

    WSJ: Half Full: The Power of the Pickleback

  • It can be described as a shortcut to umami, the so-called fifth flavor (in addition to sweet, sour, bitter and salt), which in turn is often described as savory or meaty.

    FORBES: Flavor Bomb - The New Chef's Secret Ingredient You Can Use Too

  • Next fill up on the Umami Burger -- voted Burger of the Year in 2010 -- with its topping of shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted tomato, parmesan crisps and umami ketchup.

    BBC: In LA, five eateries, one stop

  • Take its namesake dish: one long marrow-filled bone, topped with briny dollops of sea urchin and Meyer-lemon aioli, a one-two-three punch of umami, balanced by baby celery greens and crispy cubelets of potato.

    NEWYORKER: The Marrow

  • I'll use peekytoe crab meat instead of blue crabs and I'll create a crab stock with green crabs to enhance the flavor and add more depth it helps with the umami of the dish.

    WSJ: Endless-Summer Baked Blue Crab

  • And in my chorizo-and-shrimp rice, a dish inspired by my travels in Spain, kelp stock magnifies the umami impact of the sausage and shellfish and the briny character of the clam juice that the rice simmers in.

    WSJ: Kelp Wanted

  • Long used in soups, braised dishes, dressings and sauces in Japan, umami-rich kelp stock has recently begun to play a key role in the kitchens of Western chefs seeking cleaner, leaner preparations that are nevertheless full of flavor.

    WSJ: Kelp Wanted

  • But if you're overwhelmed by the list of 25 cocktails, containing unfamiliar ingredients like Velay Jaune (a herbal liqueur) and Bonal (a wine-based aperitif infused with herbs), Livigni recommends the Le Samourai cocktail, made of Armagnac, raspberry, rhubarb and umami.

    BBC: Vive la France in Los Angeles

  • Ketchup ignites the palate as one of the few foods to stimulate all five sensations inside the mouth: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami, the latter of which gives body to food and is the savory taste found in cured meat and MSG.

    FORBES: Companies, People, Ideas

  • To make this dashi, simmer kombu (a dried seaweed) and bonito (dried tuna belly flakes). (Both ingredients are available at most Japanese markets and some specialty stores.) If you can't find kombu, Ms. Schwertner suggests using dried shiitake mushrooms, which impart a similar umami flavor.

    WSJ: Amaryll Schwertner's Poached Halibut in Dashi With Leeks, Sweet Potatoes and Sesame Seeds | Slow Food Fast

  • Its flavor combines the licorice zing of fresh fennel seed and anise with citrus and honey notes, but here's where the real magic comes in: Fennel pollen acts not just as a flavoring agent but as a flavor booster, instantly beefing up a dish's umami that deep savoriness and intensity that chefs struggle mightily to develop.

    WSJ: Fennel Pollen: Culinary Fairy Dust

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