• He was determined to avoid the usual claim that Dianetics offered a triumphal march toward enlightenment.

    NEWYORKER: The Apostate

  • Mr Aliev's triumphal return from America to Azerbaijan this summer was an extravagant affair.

    ECONOMIST: Baba of Baku

  • Second, the security effort might seem less like a triumphal occupation if it were more diverse.

    ECONOMIST: Not enough peacekeepers in Iraq, and they are the wrong sort

  • These leopard-skin-swathed warriors were allowed to join its troops on a triumphal rampage through Bunia on March 6th.

    ECONOMIST: Congo's wars

  • From Walsh's triumphal whoop, you might have thought he had just scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

    FORBES: Wings of Desire

  • Arsenal about to celebrate a triumphal run-around with the coaches and everything, open coaches all around North London.

    BBC: News | BREAKFAST WITH FROST | Interview with David Seaman, Arsenal and England

  • The car radio is on and playing triumphal music, because the Allies are getting closer and closer to Berlin.

    NEWYORKER: Amundsen

  • Most worrisome are the triumphal expressions of admiration for the wily Saddam emanating from Arabia, not least from Baghdad.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Similarly, the triumphal arches shaped as two pairs of crossed swords are made from the physical evidence of battle itself.

    ECONOMIST: Monumental

  • His years in the political wilderness lasted until his triumphal return to Pakistan in 2007 following a deal with the military.

    BBC: Profile: Nawaz Sharif

  • The triumphal return of Jobs in 1997 and the launch of the "Think Different" ad campaign sparked a revival-among the cult followers.

    FORBES: Cult brands

  • It was another 20 minutes before we arrived at the triumphal arch that sits at the city end of the airport highway.

    FORBES: Epic Business Tools Review Part 4: In Which I Miss My Flight and the Motorola Droid Saves the Day

  • It has been chastening for Ms Rousseff and her party to have been checked in their triumphal progress towards an inherited presidency.

    ECONOMIST: Brazil's presidential election

  • But rail is a powerful example because it demonstrates exactly how this bias for high-profile triumphal projects causes people to miss the obvious.

    FORBES: Shifting Capital From the Productive to the Sexy

  • He received his CBE back in 1956, after a triumphal appearance in Peter Brook's Hamlet in Moscow, and has also won several Baftas.

    BBC: Oxford honours arts figures

  • What is it about intellectuals that seem to, generation after generation, fall in love with totalitarian regimes because of their grand and triumphal projects?

    FORBES: Shifting Capital From the Productive to the Sexy

  • But something was missing--the triumphal speech to his fellow Chinese, the grand gesture or immortal sound bite that would capture the historic nature of the moment.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Cover: The Son of Heaven?

  • Mr. DERSHOWITZ: The Germans set up a state tribunal, then Hindenburg made a triumphal appearance and roses were strewn in his path as he came to the courthouse.

    NPR: Listening In On the Nuremberg Trials

  • At that point, the monarch is emerging as a triumphal figure, not even three years into his surprise reign on the abdication of his older brother, Edward VIII.

    FORBES: Rich Film Slice of Royal History

  • Politicians of both major parties have an incredible need to spend taxpayer money to stamp their name on achievements, to build, literally or figuratively, triumphal arches confirming their own prestige.

    FORBES: State Of The Union: Apparently, Hugh Hefner is Responsible for Abstinence

  • To outsiders, the costs of these triumphal programs are often not visible, at least not until years or decades later when the rubes have moved on to new man crushes.

    FORBES: Shifting Capital From the Productive to the Sexy

  • Clinton's five-hour stopover on March 25 was a low-key affair, brusquely business-like and conspicuously devoid of the enthusiastic celebration of local life that had marked Clinton's triumphal passage across India.

    CNN: The India Tilt

  • For Obama, moderating his triumphal, defiant approach when it comes to Republicans and Congress is also important because, Navarette points out, gun control and immigration reform are both high on Obama's second term agenda.


  • The son of a vegetable-and-fruit merchant at the Tehran bazaar, Rafiqdoost got his big break in 1979, when he was chosen to drive Ayatollah Khomeini from the airport after his triumphal return from exile in Paris.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The album tells the tale of doomed romance during the city's latest gilded age: Beneath the billowing guitar atmospherics, you can detect the rustle of hedge-fund dollars, the triumphal blare of the city's new business and art-world elite.

    WSJ: The Musician and the Producer

  • In order to ensure the message of his monuments is clearly absorbed, the government encourages ordinary Iraqis to spend time among them, locating an amusement park at the martyr's memorial and a theatre within the complex of the triumphal arches.

    ECONOMIST: Monumental

  • Similarly, when the Sunni Muslim Mr Hussein inaugurated his triumphal arches, he rode through them on a white horse in self-conscious reference to the steed of Hussein, the Shia Muslim hero martyred at nearby Kerbala, without any apparent embarrassment at Mr Hussein's ongoing repression of his own Shia citizens.

    ECONOMIST: Monumental

  • His triumphal progress with al-Aqsa fighters in Gaza this week was both a show of strength and a reminder of potential weakness: they were of a branch loyal to Muhammad Dahlan, the Gaza security chief who is one of Mr Abbas's staunch backers, and thus one of his chief props.

    ECONOMIST: Palestine's election

  • So it was entirely fitting that Penn Station and Grand Central were conceived and constructed on the most lavish scale, as triumphal departure points for those travelling great distances across a land of teeming possibilities, and as monumental entrances for those many people who were visiting New York to get a glimpse of the future.

    BBC: Grand Central Station in 1930

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