• Seashell leather upholstery, headrests embroidered with Rolls-Royce logos, and a mix of mother-of-pearl and wood trim make up the interior, according to Automobile Magazine.

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  • At a recent performance at a New York jazz club, Harrell showed up looking trim in a leather jacket and sunglasses--even though it was a hot, dark summer night.

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  • Buyers can choose from among 7 colors, 2 engines, 3 trim levels, 5 feature packages and up to 17 additional freestanding options for each package.

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  • To further trim raw material costs, which eat up 50% of revenue, he worked with engineers to decrease the standard half-liter bottle weight from 23 grams to 12 grams (nearest competitor Crystal Geyser has one weighing 14 grams).

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  • Obese patients are up to six times as likely as trim patients to report chronic heartburn, says a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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  • For the most part it looks like a sleeker hatchback version of a Chevy Cruze, highlighted by a solid silver grille up front with a black roof and matching trim along the windows and at the rear of the car.

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  • VCs, they say, are in the business of fostering entrepreneurship with start-up money, while buyout firms acquire a company, trim out the fat, then dump it for a handsome profit.

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  • But others, including Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the finance minister, are insisting that at least part of the bounty must be used to reduce the public debt, whose interest payments now gobble up nearly a fifth of total tax revenue, and to trim the public deficit (to a planned 2.3% next year) against some future rainy day.

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  • By Pocket PC WM6 Professional standards, that's nothing new -- heck, HTC's own devices have had that trick up their sleeves for ages -- but never before in Smartphone trim.

    ENGADGET: HTC Vox officially unveiled Mobile

  • The stock is up 25% this year alone, and for those who would likely trim or sell their position in early 2013, tax certainty makes doing so this year an attractive alternative and could be behind some of the recent turbulence.

    FORBES: Apple Bounces After Flirting With $500: Time To Buy?

  • Trim and discard the very tips of the stems (as well as any dinged-up edges), and mince the rest.

    NPR: Vegetables with Flair for the Thanksgiving Plate

  • So much skill, in fact, that Keane started patenting those innovations--like how to aggregate thousands of orders into batches to trim costs, or how to make his Web site's design tool (which lets customers whip up their own brochures and business cards) communicate seamlessly with Web browsers.

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