• Patients might drop out of the ongoing clinical trial in order to get the drug, not placebo.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Google may choose to take some of these suits to trial in order to clarify a principle.

    ECONOMIST: Viacom and YouTube

  • Rory Collins, co-director of Oxford University's clinical-trials service unit (which demonstrated the efficacy of aspirin against heart disease) has managed to piggy-back on a commercial trial in order to test the notion that folic acid, a food-supplement commonly given to pregnant women, may also prevent heart attacks.

    ECONOMIST: Trial and error

  • On November 3, 2010, Allen County moved the trial court for an order authorizing it to issue tax deeds for the various properties sold at the October 2009 tax sale that had not already been redeemed, including the Real Estate.

    FORBES: Wells Fargo Ignores Mail Loses Security Interests

  • The hearing was not without its lighter moments as Judge Pauly must decide whether to order a new trial.

    FORBES: Tax Shelter Conviction Could Be Thrown Out

  • Prosecutors are asking the high court to throw out the acquittals of American Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend in the murder of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher, and order a new trial.

    NPR: Knox Awaits Verdict From Italy's Highest Court

  • The decision by Italy's highest criminal appeals court to overturn the acquittals of American student Amanda Knox and her former Italian boyfriend, and order a new trial in the 2007 slaying of her British roommate, is once again raising concerns both at home and abroad about how justice works in Italy.

    NPR: Knox Case Puts Italian Justice Under Scrutiny

  • If Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair decides Pistorius might violate any of those terms, he can order him held until trial.

    NPR: A Look At South Africa's Justice System

  • In order to finish the trial quickly, Glaxo is testing the response generated by the immune system due to the vaccine.

    FORBES: Glaxo Goes Head-To-Head With Merck

  • Jurors selected are supposed to represent a cross-section of the general population in order to promote a fair trial.

    FORBES: Rajaratnam Jury Selection -- This Is Going To Get Complicated

  • Other members of the organisation faced a similar trial before the 1995 election, in order, it seemed, to put them safely out of the running.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt

  • In order to perform a field trial with a regulated article, a researcher must apply to USDA for a permit and submit a huge amount of data, which makes genetically engineered plants extraordinarily expensive to develop and test.

    FORBES: Back To The Future: Let's Reverse 25 Years Of Flawed Agbiotech Regulation

  • Outside researchers running the trial for Merck set this number high in order to maximize the trials' chances of showing even a slight difference in heart attack rates between Zetia and placebo.

    FORBES: Pharmaceuticals

  • Since a strict Supreme Court ruling in 1976, there is only one comparable instance of a court issuing a gag order on a newspaper to ensure a fair trial.

    ECONOMIST: Trials and the press

  • Isis needs one in order to start a large and expensive clinical trial testing its drug in patients who have high cholesterol that is not caused by a genetic defect.

    FORBES: Genzyme Eyes Isis Drug

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