• Unless Walmart can handle its shoppers giving it a trashy name during this holidays.

    FORBES: Have American Shoppers Lost Their Minds?

  • Some of it plays like a horror scenario, but one without the trashy chills provided by lesser moviemakers.

    NEWYORKER: Creep Shows

  • He is always nibbling chocolates, loves trashy television and appears awestruck by a popular novelist or a rock star.

    ECONOMIST: Nicolas Sarkozy

  • Potter came away with the conclusion that customers wanted more predictability and respectability in an inherently unpredictable and trashy business.

    FORBES: Out of the Discard Bin

  • By Sunday evening I was finished, and emerged from my apartment—well, like I had spent the weekend on a trashy romance spree.

    FORBES: Connect

  • It was Divine, as Tracy's overprotective mother Edna, who lifted Hairspray into camp heaven, and it's Divine and her splendid trashy baggage that are painfully missed.

    NPR: Hollywood's Musical 'Hairspray,' a Little Too Bouffant

  • There's plenty of power-mad behavior and lots of sleaze--sex, booze and drugs are consumed in spectacular amounts--all of which make the Howling at the Moon entertaining in a trashy-read way.

    FORBES: Music Mogul Meltdown

  • If she was as trashy and worthless as everyone seemed to think, she might as well act that way, and, in between rounds of waitressing and hotel-room cleaning, she did.

    NEWYORKER: Stone Mattress

  • For three decades, as prime-time TV was transformed, few shows—whether fun-trashy or edgy-political—employed cliffhangers, because few shows told the kinds of stories that could extend beyond an episode, let alone a season.

    NEWYORKER: Tune in Next Week

  • Mr Marinho's personal tastes were far from trashy.

    ECONOMIST: Roberto Marinho

  • After all, what is France for if not to represent an elegant, pleasurable alternative to the American way, even if it does so as most of the country munches its burgers and goggles at its trashy television?

    ECONOMIST: French anti-Americanism

  • Back then, the inventively trashy filmmaker John Waters was having campy fun with early-'60s hair and fashion, and with his cross-dressing hausfrau, but he was also dressing down a certain set of early-'60s attitudes about conformity and racial segregation.

    NPR: Big Hair, Bouncy Moves, Tons of Bawlmer Charm

  • Cox started the popular political blog Wonkette ("politics for people with dirty minds") where she helped catapult Washington online sex diarist Jessica Cutler from the obscurity of work as a congressional assistant to the, er, exposure of a Playboy, er, spread and a fictionalized account of her capitol crimes in a trashy little novel called The Washingtonienne.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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