• Indeed, the fast transmission of data and reactivity of national centres and country focal points are crucial for the effectiveness of the entire tsunami warning system.


  • That coal- and oil-fired electricity powers our computers, enables the transmission of data between networks and, increasingly supplies the energy to servers that store and process an ever growing mountain of information.

    FORBES: Written by Stanton D. Sloane

  • The Broadband HOLDRs Trust issues Depositary Receipts called Broadband HOLDRs representing an undivided beneficial ownership in the U.S.-traded common stock of a group of specified companies that, among other things, develop, manufacture and market products and services that facilitate the transmission of data, video and voice more quickly and more efficiently than traditional telephone line communications.

    FORBES: Total Return Winners Among ETFs

  • The report indicates that bandwidth requirements of network-aggregation nodes are growing at an even faster rate than end-station applications, which initiate the transmission and receipt of data.

    ENGADGET: IEEE pushes for Ethernet standard between 400Gbps and 1Tbps, hopes to head off big data crunch

  • Satellites will need to accelerate and broaden the scope of transmission to cope with the expected growth of data traffic unleashed by the Internet and to carry it to the telecom fringe.

    FORBES: Down To Earth

  • LinkedIn claim that its Privacy Policy and User Agreement covered this kind of data transmission.

    FORBES: LinkedIn iOS App Grabs Names, Emails And Notes From Your Calendar

  • Recognizing that they are behind the curve compared with other countries with developed privacy law regimes, Chinese authorities have now circulated for public comment draft guidelines governing transmission and storage of personal data on computer systems.

    FORBES: China: Seeking Balance In Regulating Data Privacy

  • Instead, high-speed wireless access services can leapfrog the fiber lines directly to your computer and provide even higher rates of data transmission-- over the same CDMA network that's already in place to route cell phone traffic.

    FORBES: Wi-Fi's Wobbly Future

  • Privately held Data Transmission Network of Omaha started in 1984 as a unit of grain giant Scoular and went public in 1987.

    FORBES: Third time's a charm for this little data provider. Or is it?

  • Among other things, the principles established by his scholarship enabled espionage agencies to make their secret codes even more impenetrable and enhanced the security and accuracy of computer data transmission.

    ECONOMIST: André Weil

  • For an investor who is unsophisticated in the science of encrypted data transmission, such as myself, I can still make an investment analysis based on historical cash flows from this IP.

    FORBES: New IP Company Marathon Patent Group Promises Diversification Amid Risky Environment

  • Using the power and data transmission capabilities of the International Space Station, AMS is circling Earth and sifting through matter, antimatter and other particles that are yet to be confirmed, 365 days a year.

    ENGADGET: AMS detects excess of positrons, could suggest existence of dark matter

  • The next year, 1988, he installed satellite dishes to allow voice and data transmission between each of Cemex's 11 Mexican cement plants.

    FORBES: Cyber-cement

  • It would not be terribly hard for Apple to upgrade its Airport line of wireless home-networking products to increase data-transmission speeds and create a new hardware device that allows users of its iTunes music software to play their music on home stereo systems.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Numerous digital data sources are becoming available because of a combination of increasing data storage, data processing and data transmission productivity (effective available bandwidth appears to double approximately every 21 months).

    FORBES: Three Ways To Make Big Data Make Money

  • He says he left Iowa because of the higher cost of high-speed data-transmission lines, too few firms like his own, and too little for 20-somethings like himself to do at weekends.


  • Of course, I assume that my privacy is protected during collection, transmission, storage, and processing of all my personal data.

    FORBES: When the lights went out, my light went on

  • Once commercialized, 5G mobile communications technology will be capable of ultra-high-speed data transmission up to several hundred times faster than even the 4G LTE-Advanced technology due for launch later this year.

    FORBES: This Announcement From Samsung Should Have Cable Companies Quaking

  • For a more dramatic example, consider the following: An investment in Riverbed Technology (RVBD), a developer of software to accelerate application performance and data transmission speeds on WANs, would have generated a 6x return, versus an investment in Clearwire (CLWR), a provider of portable high-speed wireless broadband services, which would have generated a 0.3x return.

    FORBES: Software Eating The World: Facts & Figures

  • Initially offering products like office switchboards and desk phones, the company has turned its specialty to Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems, the transmission and reception of voice, fax, and video over Internet data lines, as well as wireless data communications and customer-relationship-management (CRM) software.

    FORBES: Next Up For An IPO: Avaya?

  • Broadcom Corporation is a developer of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband digital data transmission to the home and within the business enterprise.

    FORBES: Weekly Top Insider Sells: YHOO, GOOG, LNKD, BRCM

  • VOD, a unique 300 kilobit per second (kbps) data stream has to be allocated for the duration of the transmission to each user.


  • But by using compression software and getting Galileo to record data on its tape-recorder for later transmission, almost all of the probe's objectives have still been achieved.

    ECONOMIST: The long arm of the celestial repairman

  • If you look at middle term, in fact, we have exactly the same type of problems, which is we are entering the new period for Internet, data transmission, services, the multi-screens, connected TV.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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