• Lastly, spending time in the stores vs. only in the ivory tower of the corporate office is a must.

    FORBES: Postscript On Retail Pricing: Avoiding The "Race To The Bottom"

  • The logic behind long-only equity, that risky assets deserve higher growth potential and straight market exposure will provide acceptable returns, works well in the ivory tower of modern portfolio theory, but often takes decades to deliver results in practice.

    FORBES: Rethinking Long-Only Equity

  • Zuckerberg lately has gotten the reputation of the billionaire exec in the ivory tower, wearing a hoodie of course.

    FORBES: The Bright Side To Facebook's Slide: Mark Zuckerberg Gets Candid

  • He nowadays would be covered in tar and feathers and chased out of the ivory tower for self-plagiarism?

    FORBES: I Am an Academic Fraud

  • Unsurprisingly, this has made him a sort of ivory-tower folk-hero of the American left—a thinking person's Michael Moore.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • LA's far northern periphery has turned it into something of an ivory tower.

    ECONOMIST: Disniversity

  • One force behind all this money has been the fall of the ivory tower that once kept professors above real-world concerns.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And this contribution to development in the real word is likely to be of far greater importance than that of any ivory-tower theorist.

    ECONOMIST: Diplomatic exchange

  • As bioethics is not an ivory-tower pursuit of what's right, in her last two chapters she reviews ways to reach agreement on what's right—citizens' juries, consultations, plebiscites, for example.

    ECONOMIST: Bioethics

  • Furthermore, in America today it is exceedingly rare to find the kind of insular ivory-tower mentality that makes professors in Europe so loth to interact with and keeps them isolated from the realities of their fellow citizens.

    ECONOMIST: At your service

  • Of course, this is really only a common-sense observation, but, given the atrocious decline in higher ed standards over time (Arum and Roksa report that their data indicate students nowadays typically spend fewer than 30 hours a week in academic pursuits), it is a desperately needed denunciation of the modern Ivory Tower.

    FORBES: So, Exactly Why Are They Going to College?

  • Four years holed up in an ivory tower could be a waste of your time and your money.

    FORBES: Cashing In On College

  • To get an idea of the gulf between the ivory tower and Main Street, take a look at the essay by Yale professor Robert Shiller.

    FORBES: Taking the Plunge

  • Two decades ago, conservatives liked to argue that the ivory tower had put academics out of touch with reality, and that conservatism had reason and science on its side.

    FORBES: Conservatives' Reality Problem

  • Going forward, the only way Romney defeat the Gingrich-led insurgent challenge stripped him of his claim to inevitability once and for all is if he can stay on the offense, descend from his Ivory Tower and generate a sense of authenticity and competence with the electorate that he has been unable to achieve to date.

    FORBES: Resurgent, But Not-Yet Inevitable

  • Lawrence Smarr inhabits the ivory tower, yet he helped create underpinnings of the Internet, the World Wide Web and Netscape.

    FORBES: Totally Wired U.

  • And therefore it runs against the traditional Genentech narrative, in which a group of altruistic biologists come down from the ivory tower to save the brutes at the New Jersey-based drug giants.

    FORBES: Genentech, Werewolves And Garlic

  • "Wine belongs on the table, not on a pedestal or in an ivory tower, " says Joel Peterson, general manager of Ravenswood Winery, part of Constellation Wines.

    FORBES: Not-So-Fine Wine

  • Many Malaysians will see you as someone who lives in an ivory tower, hob-nobbing with the hoi-polloi and out of touch with the realities of what is happening in Malaysia.

    FORBES: The Malaysian Third Way: A Public-Private Partnership

  • And while there might be some ivory tower views that the way to do this is the single purchase of a game that has driven the industry up until this point in time, new methods will come to market and the successful models will level up and help drive the development of the next round of gaming.

    FORBES: EA Take The Real Racing Line To Understand Freemium Mobile Games

  • And prominent entrepreneurs serve on the staff, not just ivory-tower academics, helping students get a feel for what the challenges of the business world are really like.

    FORBES: The 25 Most Entrepreneurial Campuses

  • It also was evidence that, in this era of the social Web, fashion designers and retailers are no longer operating in an ivory tower or for solely the red carpet.

    FORBES: Social Media Is Fashion's Newest Muse

  • The entire debate over the terminology might look to a marketing practitioner like an Ivory Tower nitpicking but it is an important one because metaphor-based terms rely on our understanding of the underlying concepts to guide our actions.

    FORBES: The Spreadable War on Viral Media

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