• Every business is subject to the winds of what Joseph Schumpeter called creative destruction.

    FORBES: Steel Versus Silicon

  • And partly to the winds of change that are rushing through Purchase and Plano, Tex.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Warmer seas impart more moisture to the winds blowing across them: more mists, more clouds, more condensation.

    ECONOMIST: Ascension Island

  • And partly to the winds of change that are rushing through Purchase and Plano, Texas, home to Frito-Lay.

    FORBES: Pepsi's New Challenge

  • In this situation, men are expected to maintain a certain loin-cloth level of coverage, but women can throw caution, as it were, to the winds.

    BBC: A guide to Istanbul��s bath houses

  • Meanwhile, the passengers will have scattered to the winds, Verna among them.

    NEWYORKER: Stone Mattress

  • As befits a populist, he has thrown fiscal caution to the winds.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela's economic policy

  • There are more opportunities out there now than we can count, more chances to throw our dandelion seeds to the winds than ever before.

    FORBES: 5 Key Lessons for Authors and Self-Publishers from Neil Gaiman

  • "He was a gigantic virtuoso, but one who threw caution to the winds to such an extent that the cause of drama and the intensity of the music itself were uppermost, " Harrell said.

    NPR: Master Cellist, Conductor Rostropovich Dies at 80

  • The clones then dispersed to the winds.

    ECONOMIST: African honeybees

  • Her mother threw caution to the winds.

    NEWYORKER: Temporary

  • Second, all of the scientists and engineers who worked on the European land-based missile defense project will now scatter to the winds, some taking early retirement, some getting assigned to other projects and others perhaps going into different industries altogether.


  • "The right wing, even if they were elected to be lawmakers, cannot use the halls of parliament to spread the winds of war, to attack the peace of the republic, against internal order, against the institutions of the country, and even less to stimulate fascist violence that continues casting a pall over Venezuelan homes, " he said.

    CNN: Lawmakers report brawl in Venezuelan National Assembly

  • One of the effects of ozone depletion is to strengthen the winds circling the south pole (see Southern bellwether), and global warming is expected to do something similar.

    ECONOMIST: Climate change: What lies beneath | The

  • While the state aid rules require the UK government to represent the banks' interests in negotiating with the commissioner in Brussels, the chancellor, Alistair Darling, used a BBC Scotland interview to reassure that the changes will not scatter the banks to the four winds, and nor will the changes be instant.

    BBC: Clearing up the mess: One year on

  • He told me she's a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital and he was having to walk her from the Four Winds area to the hospital so she could begin her shift.

    BBC: Northern Ireland

  • Unlike previous presidential envoys who have come to Israel every few weeks and then disappeared when reality proved stronger than their peace fantasies, Obama has ordered Mitchell to cast reality to the seven winds and set up a permanent forward command post in Jerusalem directly subordinate to the White House.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Obama's High Commissioner

  • Metop's suite of instruments retrieve a range of data - from the temperature and water content of the different layers in the atmosphere to the speed of the winds whipping across the ocean, and from the health of the ozone layer to the spread of volcanic ash plumes across the sky.

    BBC: Weather satellites and the gathering storm

  • So over the next few months, Congress is likely to test the winds in Parliament, where it has 141 out of 543 seats - far below the 279 that the BJP and its allies occupy.


  • The Climategate emails also revealed a habit among climate scientists of trimming their scientific sails to the political winds, sometimes by emphasizing temperature and environmental trends at the alarmist end of the spectrum.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: A Climate Absolution?

  • At a time when the EU is trying to persuade reluctant countries to open up their energy markets to the fierce winds of competition and abandon the French idea of "national champions", Gazprom is a very vivid example that such allegedly old-fashioned out-of-date thinking can work dramatically well for the country concerned.

    BBC: Europe diary: The gas man

  • Here, near the settlement of Sesriem, westerly winds from the Naukluft Mountains to the east collide with the Atlantic winds, stopping the dunes' advance.

    CNN: Romancing the dune in Namibia

  • The buildings department said a high gust of wind was likely in part to blame, although the crane should have been designed to withstand the 80 to 100 mile per hour winds during the storm.

    WSJ: Broken Crane Looms Over Neighborhood

  • Patent cases are difficult to predict, and as the trial winds to a close, the betting is all over the map as to who will win.

    FORBES: Hard to Swallow

  • The A82 between Glencoe and Tyndrum was closed for high-sided vehicles due to the high winds.

    BBC: Wind damaged house

  • All semblance of a nuclear nonproliferation regime will be cast to the seven winds.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Reconsidering the Suez Campaign

  • During his visit here this week, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store threw diplomatic niceties to the seven winds.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Exposing the puppet masters

  • Due to the high winds some roof tiles were dislodged which resulted in my car windscreen being struck, which created a crack.

    BBC: Fergus Muirhead

  • In March, swinging to the popular winds, New Delhi clamped down on cement prices, just as it has long suppressed gasoline tabs.

    FORBES: India Interruptus?

  • It also conjures up something of Mr. Buren's own personality, which has never been in thrall to the prevailing winds of artistic conformity.

    WSJ: Daniel Buren's Bright Periphery | 'Excentrique(s) Travail In Situ' at the Grand Palais in Paris

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