• But it was so odd, hearing these things from his white-outlined mouth, to the accompaniment of his tambourine.

    NEWYORKER: Mr. Bones

  • Often the mechanical theatrics took inspiration from popular theatrical events like the circus, featuring automaton clowns performing acrobatic feats to the accompaniment of music.


  • Scattered about our tents are antiques: Persian rugs, pith helmets, four-poster beds, and gramophones that crackle and squeak to the accompaniment of the chirping crickets outside.

    BBC: East Africa��s best kept secret

  • Morris dancing involves teams of dancers - often wearing hats and bells on their legs - wielding handkerchiefs, sticks or swords, to the accompaniment of folk music.

    BBC: Bolton Morris dancers appeal for new members

  • To the accompaniment of the dip of his oars he could ponder the problem of sovereignty, or whatever, freed from the pressure of making an instant and partisan decision.

    ECONOMIST: Raymond Vernon

  • President Fidel Ramos reads the proclamation and presents the flag from the window of Aguinaldo House in Kawit, Cavite, to the accompaniment of 500 voices and 500 musicians. 6:30 a.m.


  • The wheat is washed with prayers the preceding day, and then carried to a large stone mortar, to the accompaniment of music from the davul drum and zurna double-reed pipe.

    UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • To the accompaniment of baroque recorder music piped through the building, Tetsuo Shimokawa, the chairman of Dogin, a local bank, blames poor communications with the rest of Japan for the island's woes.

    ECONOMIST: The first of an occasional series on Japan��s economic pains

  • Those whose files come on screen to the accompaniment of flashing red lights will not find it easy to obtain cover for much less than the cost of paying for their treatment themselves.

    ECONOMIST: Genetics, medicine and insurance

  • Tsiattista is a lively, impromptu oral poetry performed in Greek Cypriot dialect whereby one poet-singer attempts to outdo another with clever verses of rhyming couplets often performed to the accompaniment of the violin or lute.

    UNESCO: Seven new inscriptions on the Intangible Heritage Representative List | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • They play tricks and dance to the accompaniment of the Baroque-era music of the Jesuit missions, then around midnight fireworks pop from the top of their wide-brimmed hats, symbolizing the gift of light and vision to live respectfully.

    UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • With a strict reservations-only policy (852-2810-6969) and limited seating, this speakeasy-style watering hole forbids big groups and photography but serves up some of the best-mixed cocktails in town, such as an excellent gimlet, as well as a spot-on grilled cheese sandwich to the accompaniment of soft jazz.

    BBC: Hong Kong��s secret nightlife spots

  • It is performed, usually sitting, to the musical accompaniment of a duduk during weddings, birthdays, christenings and major national cultural events.


  • Rarely has music been used so well as the universal language it is, but also as a maddening accompaniment to a dialogue of the deaf.

    WSJ: Spielberg Comes Home

  • It's the perfect accompaniment to a Friday night in on your own with a bottle of plonk and a boil in the bag curry.

    BBC: Presenter profile: Sean McGinty

  • And for those who believe that a tie, rather than a T-shirt, is the correct accompaniment to a jacket, we highlight six up-and-coming stars of the performing arts, who model the best of classic men's suiting.

    WSJ: WSJ. Magazine April 2013 | Editor's Letter

  • Friday's launch was part of what Esa calls the Vega Research and Technology Accompaniment (Verta) programme - a sequence of flights intended to demonstrate the rocket's capabilities whilst at the same time moving it towards full commercial service.

    BBC: Esa's Vega rocket puts Proba-V vegetation mission in orbit

  • This is also a period of peak valuation of the yen, an unusual accompaniment to decline.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Musicians play oboe-like ''suona, '' bell-shaped gongs and a variety of drums, while masked or unmasked dancers move farcically to the accompaniment.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • If there's an intentional order to the ideas, it's hard to discern: The steady cadence of the steps, and the liquid echoes of guitar accompaniment, matter more than any overriding theme.

    NPR: As Dylan Walks, His Mind Wanders

  • That, and the soundtrack: Composer Hans Zimmer's score, which includes a kick-ass version of the film's signature tune, is a perfect accompaniment to Woo's visual style.

    CNN: 'Mission: Impossible 2': A hero, a babe, a motorcycle

  • But then the traveler notices that this is a place where beer is a natural accompaniment to breakfast and lunch as well as dinner, and he starts to appreciate the small-scale exoticism of Europe.

    FORBES: Interlude: Frankfurt International Airport and Feeble Attempts at German

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