• Time to mate nuclear warheads with Iran's growing arsenal of longer and longer range ballistic and cruise missiles.


  • The need for a screw with threads shaped to mate with the substance it is penetrating has always been out there.

    FORBES: The Taming of the Screw

  • Females—who can produce but a limited number of offspring regardless of how many mates they have—want to mate with the best available male.

    ECONOMIST: What is music for?

  • Males, known as drones, perform no useful function except to mate.

    NEWYORKER: Stung

  • The result is that males often compete with each other—sometimes violently—for access to females, but females then decide which males they wish to mate with.

    ECONOMIST: What is music for?

  • Scientists, tourists, journalists, conservationists and the government of Ecuador all waited for two decades for him to mate successfully or, indeed, get it on at all.

    ECONOMIST: Nora Ephron and Lonesome George

  • The sterile flies (raised in special laboratories in Guatemala and rendered sterile with gamma rays) are expected to mate with females which, of course, will be unable to reproduce.

    ECONOMIST: Florida agriculture

  • After blood passes into the mosquito gut, the parasites quickly turn into male and female forms—the gametes—and emerge from their hiding place inside the red blood cells to mate.

    ECONOMIST: Science: A fight to the death | The

  • Their intelligence, in combination with their ability to mate year-round, is what has enabled wild pigs to evade capture and take over prairies, mountain valleys and rugged deserts from Canada to Mexico.

    NPR: $1M Pilot Project Aims To Take Out Feral Pigs

  • Lohi and his colleagues developed a genetic test for breeders to test their sires and dams for the mutation in order to ensure that two carriers aren't allowed to mate and have puppies.

    MSN: Cause of rare and fatal dog skeletal disease pinpointed

  • Theories abound that male self-sacrifice may be a logical extension of the practice employed by many animals, including insects and spiders, of the male bringing a gift of food to encourage the female to mate.

    ECONOMIST: Why self-sacrifice makes perfect sense for spiders

  • Because flashy, dominant males tend to mate with disproportionately more females than dull, unassuming ones it makes sense to focus on bringing the best sons to the peak of perfection with a hormone injection that makes them look even flashier than their genes alone would allow.

    ECONOMIST: Animal behaviour

  • The females are sitting on their perches with their fannies curled up in the air, letting the whole mantis world see their goods, while the males are usually hanging out just a few feet away from the females, collecting their guts and gear before they approach the females to mate.

    FORBES: Books And Mantids

  • One can have a long, happy marriage without losing touch with reality, but it helps to be a bit starry eyed when it comes to you mate.

    FORBES: Key To A Happy Marriage: Be Delusional

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