• But the disappointed are mainly journalists who yearned for this colourful character to enliven the Republican race.

    BBC: Playtime is over

  • If anything is going to enliven the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, it's the strange mind of one man: Bobby Valentine.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: Time to Light a Fire Under a Tired Rivalry

  • It is the offspring of Phil Donahue, who, true to his format, once wore a dress to enliven the proceedings.

    CNN: Essay: Ye Olde Town Gimmick

  • Musicians who perform the "Baghdadi Square, " an old style of folk music, used to enliven weddings and other celebrations throughout the city.

    NPR: In Baghdad, a Rare Musical Performance

  • Lower government spending and higher taxes will do little to enliven the domestic market, and the euro area, Britain's main trading partner, is struggling.

    ECONOMIST: Britain's budget

  • But elsewhere in the museum, an eclectic and at times whimsical approach does help to enliven the display by providing a rich context for less familiar works.

    WSJ: A Great Museum Enters a New Golden Age | Rijksmuseum | Rembrandt | Vermeer | By Jonathan Lopez

  • The company is hoping to enliven its tired portfolio of vehicles with the launch of a range of light trucks and sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) later this year.

    ECONOMIST: Dazzled by the rising sun | The

  • Although Mr Dunbar tries valiantly to enliven his story (traders are dubbed the men who love to win, one investor is called Dusseldorf's Dr Frankenstein), the task defeats him.

    ECONOMIST: Financial markets

  • Hayachine as a deity, they began a tradition of folk performance that continues to enliven the Great Festival of the Hayachine Shrine held in Hanamaki City on the first day of August.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Thankfully, by the early 1980s, shop owners on Melrose Avenue, in an effort to stand out from retail competitors elsewhere in the city, were bringing neon back to Los Angeles by employing traditional neon signmakers to enliven their storefronts.

    BBC: Exploring LA's neon past

  • The brand new Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth was at best two-thirds full for the opening Group B fixture, although the inevitable drone of the vuvuzelas provided sufficient atmosphere to enliven an intriguing first half dominated by South Korea.

    BBC: South Korea 2-0 Greece

  • Reiner tries numerous devices to enliven the proceedings, including musical montages, dirty lunch talk between the Jordans and their friends (played by Julie Hagerty, Rita Wilson, Paul Reiser, and Reiner himself), and always a sign of last resort a picture-book trip to Venice.

    NEWYORKER: The Story of Us

  • Economists' initial excitement at being able to enliven their seminars with pictures of parts of the brain lighting up in response to different experiments (so much more interesting than the usual equations) has led to a recognition of the limits of MRIs.

    ECONOMIST: Neuroeconomics: Do economists need brains? | The

  • Doddsy was an impact sub, there was no-one better to come off the bench and enliven things.

    BBC: Brown concern over Scots plight

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