• Some Christians, though, are striving to bridge that divide, attempting to reach out to the opposition and rebels, or at least cross the sectarian gulf that increasingly separates them.

    WSJ: Can Syria's Christians Survive?

  • He insisted he was not out to divide the antiwar wing of the party.

    NPR: Remembering Eugene McCarthy

  • And start holding weekly meetings where team members figure out how to divide up work more effectively.

    FORBES: Sleeping With Your Smartphone? Here's the Cure

  • Brown and his board worked out a plan to divide Motorola in two.

    FORBES: The Other Motorola

  • "Presidential candidates Bush and Gore should check out their own backyards before touring the country to speak out against the digital divide, " the report said.

    CNN: Report: Income, not ethnicity, determines access

  • In future many clients may just instruct their brokers to divide up the business even more and sort out the resulting complexity.

    ECONOMIST: Lloyd's of London

  • The Emmy telecast did everything it could do disguise that and to keep things moving and by the way, the idea to divide the evening by genres except for the top awards, and hand out most of the awards in a clump, was brilliant.

    NPR: The Emmys, Where Cable Reigns Supreme

  • EST, President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address and outline his vision for putting aside the politics that divide us and moving forward to create jobs, up our game to out-compete in the global economy, and win the future for our children and our country.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • The mere question to leave the workforce with a cash-out number illustrates a key generational divide.

    FORBES: Why Do The Mega Rich Continue To Work?

  • PLAiR, which comes out later this month, promises to bridge the computer-television divide.

    WSJ: Web Video Goes Big-Time

  • Whether it fizzles out or gets busted up through divide and conquer strategies remains to be seen, but the movement, which got its start in the editorial offices of Adbusters, a non-influential magazine based in Vancouver, continues to spread around the world.

    FORBES: 'Occupy Wall Street' Gaining Respect...From Wall Street?

  • The state party was recently frightened by the possibility that Harold Ford, a black former Tennessee congressman, might run against Ms Gillibrand. (He has now ruled it out.) Leaders wanted to avoid a primary, fearing that the charismatic Mr Ford could divide their members and strengthen the state Republicans.

    ECONOMIST: New York's troubled politicians

  • Yet in many locations, registered nurses must divide their time between school buildings that are miles apart, talking to one office while in another, figuring out which crisis is the most serious.

    CNN: Are school nurses disappearing?

  • The word is out that Amis and his American-born wife, the writer Isabel Fonseca, are planning to divide their time between New York and the U.K. Not entirely surprising both writers have long been fascinated by transatlantic themes, including, of course, the theme of their Anglo-American marriage.

    WSJ: Editor's Letter

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