• It is a matter of allowing it to come to the fore, and that is where adults enter the picture.

    FORBES: Character: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Meanwhile, a credible key to explosive jobs growth begins to come to the fore: a credible monetary policy prescription for a seriously stable dollar.

    FORBES: The Defining Issue Of The 2012 Elections: Jobs Through Gold?

  • Hess ducks from the limelight and allows other story details to come to the fore without the ego need for placing himself at the center of the story.

    FORBES: Connect

  • First, Mr. Bush made very clear last June that a new generation of leaders, "untainted by terror" would have to come to the fore in the Palestinian community via democratic means.


  • Expect styling to come to the fore, as vehicle design is less influenced by safety considerations like visibility, window placement, strength and stiffness of materials, bumpers, crumple zones, collapsible steering columns, air bags, seat belts, and padding.

    FORBES: Google's Trillion-Dollar Driverless Car -- Part 2: The Ripple Effects

  • After contracting Lyme disease in 2010, Ms Drew was frequently out of the office for a critical period, when her unit was making riskier bets, and her absences allowed the clashing egos of her subordinates to come to the fore.

    FORBES: The Perfect Storm At JPMorgan Chase

  • This split, nearly a century old, has been cracking back open for at least a decade (the post-Sept 11 consensus masked it for a bit, as did the earlier anti-Sovietism) but now promises to come to the fore again with Hagel.

    FORBES: Obama Wields Hagel Cudgel on Two Fronts

  • If and only if these figures are allowed to come to the fore in the Middle East, the tides of history may yet be moved by our better natures, and the Palestinians may finally find accommodation with Israel and the larger world.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Terrorism as career option

  • It was this group that redefined American politics in the 1980s, and this group that will come to the fore during the general election, as ordinary people take more interest in politics.

    ECONOMIST: A declaration on independents

  • Honed by American policymakers' past fondness for hectoring China about the need for better risk-management and exchange-rate flexibility, this emotion has come to the fore since the United States was overtaken by financial calamity.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan

  • As fertility has begun to fall, though, other explanations have come to the fore.

    ECONOMIST: Africa’s population

  • Satoma is a comprehensive response to Maremman weekender preoccupations, especially those that come to the fore in the hunting season.

    FORBES: The Other Tuscany

  • Listening to Mhlanga mixing it up with Barthelemy Atisso of Senegal's Orchestra Baobab on the track "Rumba All The Way, " it's easy to hear the Latin strain that runs through so much African guitar music come to the fore.

    NPR: African Guitarists Have Arrived at a New Style

  • With American share prices increasingly hard to justify on the prospects for company earnings, two alternative explanations have come to the fore.

    ECONOMIST: Once again, the world’s stockmarkets are soaring. Why?

  • The election that will soon come to the fore, however, is the presidential one due in December 2000.

    ECONOMIST: Haiti

  • If not, clan warlords, the bane of Somalia for decades, may again come to the fore, with support trickling back to the Shabab.

    ECONOMIST: Somalia and the Shabab

  • The other tricky one that has come to the fore is Mr Netanyahu's insistence that the Palestinians should acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, perhaps as a quid quo pro for a further freeze.

    ECONOMIST: The Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

  • Over the past year, with the lawsuits behind them, patent libraries well rounded and the cost of using metallocenes coming down, metallocenes have come to the fore—with licensing deals and market acceptance reinforcing the future of the technology.

    ECONOMIST: REPORTS: Designer plastics | The

  • Over the past eight years, during which many indigenous chefs have come to the fore and London has acquired a culinary reputation to rival that of Paris and New York, the industry has failed to address its structural weaknesses.

    ECONOMIST: Restaurants

  • New challenges have come to the fore — climate change, pandemic disease, food and energy shortages.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • But eventually this issue will come to the fore, possibly as a First Amendment challenge.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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