• As the title of this position suggests, its occupant would have access to highly sensitive information about the vulnerability of, among other things, U.S. ports, transportation infrastructure, chemical plants, oil refineries and nuclear power plants to terrorist attack.


  • Please note that we will only review fully complete applications, and remember to put the name of the position you're applying for in the title of your email.

    ENGADGET: Want to write for Engadget?

  • Am I careful to treat people respectfully, regardless of their position or title?

    FORBES: What David Petraeus Teaches All of Us About Trust

  • Identifying and understanding differences allows people (regardless of title) to shift their position through compromise and negotiation while maintaining respect and rapport.

    FORBES: 8 Tips For Leading Those Who Don't Want to Follow

  • He went on to say with that being said, Guitar Hero was to continue in 2011, but with dismal sales of the latest title, Warriors of Rock, the company now has a new official position made clear in its fourth quarter earnings report.

    FORBES: Activision Axes Guitar Hero

  • At minimum what it may mean is that developers should rethink the moment-to-moment scale and camera position of a console title handheld port, even if from a computational perspective they can deliver an exact copy.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • What organizations that lack the title of chief of staff can learn from the position is two fold: how to follow as well as how to lead.

    FORBES: White House Chief of Staff: Don't Let the Title Go to Your Head

  • The position of surgeon general is unusual: Although it carries an exalted title, it lacks virtually any budget or staff or programs of its own.

    FORBES: Dr. Carmona's Condition

  • The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking isn't exactly a bestseller -- we weren't able to locate any eligible books from that list -- but it's a popular enough title, with a current rank of 1, 432 (if the rental option takes off, that position's likely to change).


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