• State regulation is definitely good for teenagers in Boston and for tipsy drivers in the assigned-risk pool.

    FORBES: In Good Hands With All Those States?

  • Whatever the police say, it is widely believed that there are now automatic fines for passengers riding with tipsy drivers.

    ECONOMIST: New laws on drink and smoking

  • Tipsy employees, they say, find it hard to focus on a task, but this makes them more likely to come up with innovative ideas.

    ECONOMIST: The sad demise of the three-Martini lunch

  • The hunt for the pest accelerates toward the kind of climactic chase that Park fans—not far removed from the thrill-tipsy audiences who crowded into early silent comedies—have come to expect.

    NEWYORKER: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

  • Since the presumably alcoholics anonymous-approved Wizmark urinals can't keep everyone from getting a little tipsy, officials in Victoria, British Columbia are taking a note from European countries to keep urine off the streets.

    ENGADGET: Urilift: the disappearing public urinal (and we do mean public)

  • Each man brought something distinct to the discussion, from Keats's revelations about the state of British hospitals, to Lamb's tipsy assertion that Newton had destroyed the poetry of the rainbow by reducing it to a prism.

    ECONOMIST: Literary table-talk

  • Typically measuring just 18 square feet, the stacked sleeping capsules are not much roomier than coffins—though they do have TVs and wireless connections, and offer a cozy spot to curl up in for businessmen too tired or tipsy for the long commute home.

    FORBES: The World's Tiniest Hotel Rooms

  • And only later still, in the quiet car retrieved from valet parking and en route back to the Laventura, Constance carefully blinking away her own drunkenness at the wheel, did the equally tipsy Fanny Mann squint at her flashing little screen, recover the message, and then phone the hospital to receive the news.

    NEWYORKER: Shauntrelle

  • At the same time, both those shocks are mild compared to the one experienced by Westerners who move to Russia—and find themselves in a place where life is so full of lethal danger that some people see little point in reducing risk at the margins: a world of gaping pot-holes, tipsy ambulance-drivers and melting icicles which hang from ledges like daggers.

    ECONOMIST: America, Europe and the management of danger: A hazardous comparison | The

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