• The markets have indeed judged the IMF austerity prescriptions of high taxes and devalued currencies: thumbs-down.

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • The result will probably be a thumbs-down for Chinese debt—even, perhaps, for the government's sovereign borrowing.

    ECONOMIST: China

  • Fifth Third Bancorp gets the thumbs-down from Bradley Vander Ploeg at Raymond James and Gary Townsend at Friedman Billings Ramsey.

    FORBES: When Picky Analysts Pick

  • Any referendum, which Mr Blair will insist on holding, will face the problems of a low voter turn-out and a potential thumbs-down.

    ECONOMIST: Why the North-West is getting keener on a regional assembly

  • But as far as him being a personable guy, a likable guy, I think he probably overall gets a thumbs-down on that one.

    NPR: Barry Bonds in Spotlight for All-Star Game

  • Analysts gave a thumbs-down, calling the deal an expensive vanity purchase that would crush Hindalco under the mountain of debt it would need to acquire Novelis.

    FORBES: Billionaires List

  • The overall message, though, was an overwhelming thumbs-down.

    ECONOMIST: Attitudes to immigration

  • The decision was a victory for the Free Enterprise Fund, which argued such agencies were too far removed from the will of voters, who give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on presidential policy every four years.

    FORBES: Supreme Court Curbs Enron-Related Accounting Board

  • Now, an incipient media meme — not yet common in Sports Illustrated, at least — depicts football fans like ancient Romans, turning our thumbs down on our logo-splattered sacrificial gladiators, unable to keep our blood lust from consuming our compassion and good sense.

    FORBES: Sports Illustrated Clotheslines God, Christians and Football

  • Our experts gave thumbs down to a new car buyer tax break--an idea that has been proposed by some in Congress and in the auto industry.

    FORBES: Obama's Tax Choices

  • As a possible solution, experts have long pined for more temporary facilities that could serve the purpose of the games just fine, only to be given the thumbs down by an International Olympic Committee that equates world-class games with world-class facilities.


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