• Tween heart-throb Justin Bieber is the center of attention on Twitter again, after a very brief exile.

    FORBES: Connect

  • On weekends music spills out on to the hot, crowded streets and pools into an indistinguishable throb.

    ECONOMIST: Country music

  • The last of the evening light was an unreal throb of Kermit green.

    NEWYORKER: Fjord of Killary

  • Meanwhile on the right end of the political spectrum, Tea Party heart throb Michelle Bachman famously accused vaccines of causing autism.

    FORBES: When Americans Rejected Small Pox Vaccines

  • Each season, Walt has made far less justifiable choices, each one changing him, with a throb of arrogance here, a swell of egotism there.

    NEWYORKER: Child’s Play

  • The researchers made their subjects' jaws throb by pumping a solution into a nearby muscle, then asked them to rate the severity of their discomfort.

    ECONOMIST: Pain perception

  • These are mean times and Clint looks as mean as they come, a man who gets his way just by squinting and letting that vein in his forehead throb with barely concealed rage.

    ECONOMIST: Hollywood

  • He penned a heartbroken obituary on learning about the death on the Russian front of Karl-Heinz Bremer, the charming associate director of the German Institute in Paris and heart-throb of many a collabo homosexual.

    ECONOMIST: French writers

  • In a ceremony for the winter solstice at the mountaintop monastery of Rumtek itself, drums throb, horns and conches low mournfully, and monks led by a cleric in elaborate robes and a huge black hat consign an offering to the bonfire.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan: The indispensable incarnation | The

  • And the drumming of fingers by the American government over the 500-odd property claims from ex-owners, mostly Nicaraguans, resident in the United States had become a deafening throb, accompanied by warnings that the Americans would suspend aid and block multilateral loans unless things were sorted out.

    ECONOMIST: Nicaragua

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