• The ''sweatshop free'' message just did not work in a nation where the average salary is one-thirtieth that of America.


  • Adjusted for stock splits, Human Genome Sciences shares trade at one-thirtieth of what they were worth in the gene-hype-heyday of early 2000.

    FORBES: Health Care

  • The company announced it was having its best September since 2007, marking a thirtieth consecutive month of sales increases, and that its Fiat brand was flying high.

    FORBES: Detroit's Hurting In September As Hedgie David Einhorn Picks Up General Motors

  • Secretary-General Ban attended a ceremony organized by the Austrian Government to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, known as the Vienna International Centre.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • In India, where patent laws are different, ciprofloxacin costs one-thirtieth of what it does in the U.S.--competition between all the companies making the drug has driven down the price.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The aperture will adjust from F2.9 to F8 without any prompting, and the shutter will set itself anywhere from one-thirtieth of a second to one-one thousandth of a second.

    FORBES: Ten O'Clock Tech: New Digital Camera Uses Tiny Memory Card

  • This is the last page of my thirtieth-birthday present.

    NEWYORKER: Diary of an Interesting Year

  • On the thirtieth anniversary of its release, I have some theories as to why Chariots of Fire was able to sprint ahead of Atlantic City and Reds, two much finer films, and win the Best Picture Oscar.

    FORBES: Overrated or Underrated? Lennon & McCartney, Celluloid Olympians

  • Anyway, I hope that this third conference, celebrated a decade after the first, will be followed by the thirtieth, fortieth, and so on... because this conference promotes the mobilization of intelligence within Latin America and the Caribbean towards a better future for us all.


  • This makes it hard, for instance, to compare real-time video images (from a camera in the nose-cone of a missile, for example) with a set of several thousand targets (pictures of enemy aircraft, say), because all the targets have to be tested within a thirtieth of a second, the duration of a single frame of video.

    ECONOMIST: Optical recognition

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