• Scrubbers used in thermal power plants, for instance, require limestone to capture sulphur from their exhaust.

    FORBES: Innovators

  • It builds biomass power plants, huge wind turbines for offshore wind farms and, as of today, concentrated solar thermal power plants.

    FORBES: Areva Taps The Other Nuclear Source: The Sun

  • Underscoring the importance of such federal assistance, a partnership NRG struck with eSolar to build a series of solar thermal power plants fell apart when the Pasadena, Calif.

    FORBES: NRG's David Crane: No new nukes but the solar business looks hot

  • It is developing giant off-shore wind turbines, biomass power plants (including projects in Florida and Washington with Duke Energy), and, with its Ausra acquisition, solar thermal power plants.

    FORBES: Solar Thermal or Solar Photovoltaic? Areva Says 'Both!'

  • BrightSource was founded in 2004 by American-Israeli pioneer Arnold Goldman, whose Luz International built nine solar thermal power plants in the Mojave Desert in the 1980s and 1990s.

    FORBES: Reading the fine print of BrightSource's $250 million IPO

  • Developers in California often size their projects at 49.9 megawatts to avoid the licensing process by the California Energy Commission, which oversees thermal power plants with 50 megawatts of annual capacity or more.

    FORBES: Geothermal Energy's Trouble Competing With Solar

  • Tellingly, about two-thirds of bids for solar energy contracts last year (by electricity generated) were for photovoltaic projects and only a third were for solar thermal power plants, which deploy vast arrays of mirrors to heat liquids and produce steam to drive an electricity-generating turbine.

    FORBES: California Reveals Price It Pays For Renewable Energy

  • He dreams of building gigawatt-size plants, of shipping solar thermal power to the cloudy Northeast and of using molten salt to store energy so thermal plants can power homes at night. (Nevada Solar One is only for daytime peak loads.) He envisions mirrors in space that can soak up sunlight 24 hours a day.

    FORBES: Light And Heat

  • Apart from nuclear power plants, the Japanese utility has shut down thermal plants in the Tohoku and Kanto areas, also afflicted by the intensity of the massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

    FORBES: Japan Will Struggle To Meet Electricity Demand

  • But without Belo Monte, Brazil would probably have to build nuclear power plants or invest in coal-fired thermal energy.

    ECONOMIST: Energy in Brazil

  • Meanwhile, power companies such as Vattenfall Europe are working on developing cleaner thermal plants.

    ECONOMIST: German business

  • But for the most part, large power plants cannot shutdown for just one hour as there are thermal and mechanical concerns that put the plant at risk of being damaged for doing so.

    FORBES: Moving Beyond The Symbolism Of Earth Hour

  • The rocket engine power plant runs at a 35% thermal efficiency, versus 55% for conventional gas-fired plants.


  • However, there lies a hindrance to the revival of domestic thermal coal demand if the U.S. Environment Protection Agency raises the bar on carbon emissions on power plants.

    FORBES: CSX Chugs To $25 Despite King Coal's Weakness

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