• Mr. Mann told police the abduction was planned as a diversion after the man, identified as Christian Joe, found out about the surprise party, the official said.

    WSJ: 'Abduction' Was a Prank, Police Find

  • The main surprise was the performance of a party that few had heard of.

    ECONOMIST: Russia's regional elections

  • Why did David Cameron take his own deputy as well as some senior figures in his own party by surprise by pulling the plug on all-party talks to create a new press regulator?

    BBC: Press law - So why did he do it?

  • The remarks took the Liberal Party by surprise.

    ECONOMIST: But more rigour is needed

  • Staff at the nursing home laid on a surprise party for Eva when she returned from her trip - complete with a cake in the shape of Concorde.

    BBC: Old and bold

  • The results, announced on national television on Sunday, were a surprise set-back for the party, which caused widespread controversy when it joined government.

    BBC: Election losses for Austria's far-right

  • "The surprise win by the ruling party could help reduce policy uncertainties, " said strategists at Goldman Sachs.

    WSJ: Wall Street Strength Lifts Asia Markets

  • The bad results for the ruling Socialist party in the Spanish local elections are no surprise: the 'news' would have been if the Socialists had held their ground.

    BBC: Eurozone crisis: what have we learned?

  • The biggest surprise of the elections was the newly-formed Yesh Atid Party (There is a Future), led by Yair Lapid, which gained 19 seats, and the Labor party which also managed to increase its number of seats slightly to 15.

    CNN: Split vote offers options to Israeli leaders

  • Instead, do it for the same reason you throw a surprise party for a friend or send flowers to your mother: to show you truly care about and appreciate them.

    FORBES: Why Free Is Like Magic: The ROI Of Surprising Your Customers

  • But although many of the developments of the 20th century, would shock and surprise them, I am certain that the founding fathers of our party would be proud of how we have translated their values into action.

    BBC: News | UK Politics | Margaret McDonagh's speech

  • This infuriated the right wing of his Likud Party and came as somewhat of a surprise given how closely associated Mr Sharon has been with the building of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.

    ECONOMIST: Hopes for peace | The

  • If this is the way Republicans plan on getting their hands on the reigns of power in the face of demographics that all but insure the end of their party unless they broaden the appeal, they are in for a powerful surprise.

    FORBES: Election Day Live Blog And Journal

  • The 6ft 8in Surrey paceman was a surprise inclusion in England's Ashes party but an injury to Stuart Broad gave him his chance in the Test side.

    BBC: Chris Tremlett awarded incremental England contract

  • The French right-of-centre newspaper Le Figaro reports that Mr Hollande's announcement on the TF1 channel appeared to take party colleagues by surprise.

    BBC: French election: Hollande wants 75% tax on top earners

  • One was a surprise defeat for the pro-business Free Democratic Party, making it the sixth out of six state elections where it has lost heavily.

    FORBES: Merkel's Domestic Stance Weakens In State Election

  • One afternoon, McCain talked about his surprise at the resurrection of this element in his party, which has been particularly visible in the candidacy of the libertarian Texas congressman Ron Paul.

    NEWYORKER: On the Bus

  • There was even greater surprise when, 14 years later, the former party functionary with no current party post, no elected national office and little government experience (just four years as education minister, between 1988 and 1992), not only imposed himself as the Socialists' presidential candidate, but went on to take the lead in the first ballot, before winning a thoroughly creditable 47% in the run-off.

    ECONOMIST: Lionel Jospin, escape artist

  • Now, if truth be told, I really don't want the government to know if I am planning a surprise birthday party.

    BBC: E-mail: Who's reading yours?

  • And Stephen Twigg MP, Labour's shadow education secretary, said the councillor made made "openly racist comments" and it was "no surprise people still think of the Conservatives as the nasty party".

    BBC: Sussex Police probe Councillor John Cherry's race remarks

  • As the G20 summit is taking place, Greek PM George Papandreou has faced calls for his resignation, amid opposition within his own party to his surprise referendum call on the EU bailout plan.

    BBC: Eurozone crisis: Right to boost IMF funds, Cameron says

  • The surprise second-place finish of the centrist Yesh Atid party in Israel's recent election has spurred optimism in the U.S. that Mr. Netanyahu's next coalition will include officials who will push for a resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians.

    WSJ: Obama to Visit Israel, West Bank

  • David Trimble was the surprise winner in the race for the leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party in 1995.

    BBC: Profile - David Trimble

  • "Close friends within the party referred to "personal problems" to explain the surprise resignation, only three weeks since talking up the position, " it says.

    BBC: Press welcomes Haider resignation

  • Its victory came as a surprise, as polls had predicted a win for the opposition Barbados Labour Party.

    BBC: Ruling Democratic Labour Party wins Barbados election

  • So it came as a big surprise, and the South Korean Defense Ministry today proposed to the ruling party in South Korea that it bring home about a third of its troops when they decide to extend the deployment for next year.

    NPR: Iraq Focus Persists as Bush Attends Asian Summit

  • It came as little surprise to those who always doubted his disarming intentions that the six-party talks came badly off track last year just at the point where tight verification rules were to be agreed upon so that outsiders could check that his promises were kept.

    ECONOMIST: North Korea's nuclear spectacular

  • For another, the Republicans were still the minority party in Congress, and Bauman's transgressions took everyone by surprise.

    NPR: Will Mark Foley End the GOP Reign?

  • That this has happened will be of little surprise to those who know the left - and fellow travellers in the Labour Party have never been short of their own internal divisions and squabbles.

    BBC: Analysis

  • The election's biggest surprise was Yesh Atid, or There is a Future party, which was formed just last year by a centrist former television anchor, Yair Lapid, and is forecast to take second place with 18 seats, from none.

    WSJ: Israel Vote Weakens Premier

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