• After all we in Britain elected the redoubtable Margaret Thatcher three times as prime minister.

    CNN: Europe mocks 'half-baked Alaskan' Palin

  • Businessmen such as the redoubtable union-busting Chris Corrigan, head of Patrick Corporation, disagree.

    ECONOMIST: The limits to growth

  • Instead, they snipe at his foreign minister, the redoubtable Makiko Tanaka, a woman whose outspokenness is unsettling those who prefer Japan's usual ultra-cautious diplomacy.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese politics

  • Mr. Cox was the son of Jessie Bancroft Cox, the redoubtable family matriarch who died in 1982 on the 100th anniversary of Dow Jones's founding.

    WSJ: William Cox, Dow Jones Executive, Dies at 82

  • Still the occasional boundary offered a glimmer of hope, with 33 needed from 16, but the redoubtable Flintoff yorked Denesh Ramdin to claim the seventh wicket.

    BBC: Flintoff inspires England triumph

  • The current president has the redoubtable Mr Rove on hand.

    ECONOMIST: American politics two years on

  • Even the redoubtable German economy now seems to be buckling.

    ECONOMIST: The world economy

  • But it was the redoubtable Roosevelt who stole the show.


  • After he skewed one and JP Duminy was lbw cheaply having missed a sweep, the redoubtable Mark Boucher shared 78 with Amla before mis-timing to cover which brought about the declaration.

    BBC: Hashim Amla hits double ton as South Africa lead India

  • Widows' politics is especially eye-catching in the Philippines because of the personalities involved: the redoubtable Mrs Aquino and the well-heeled, indeed well-shod, Imelda Marcos, whose husband was the dictator Mrs Aquino deposed.

    ECONOMIST: Only widows and orphans?

  • The second worry is that the problems of the Italian economy are so deep-rooted that not even the redoubtable Mr Monti can get it moving again, after more than a decade of virtual stagnation.

    ECONOMIST: Italians fret that they may end up going the same way as Spain

  • The oddly designed Dodge Caliber compact wagon has been supplanted in the line by the stylish Dart sedan, while the redoubtable Jeep Liberty is taking the 2013 model year off as it awaits its own redesign.

    FORBES: New Cars To Avoid: Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Xterra And More

  • India also needs a bigger, better pool of tested players - the team cannot be expected to continue to rely on the redoubtable talents of the injury-prone Zaheer Khan, ageing batting superstars (Dravid, Laxman, Tendulkar and Sehwag have a combined age of 144 years) and off-colour spinner Harbhajan Singh alone.

    BBC: Why India risks losing cricket's top spot

  • These strands came together in 1999 in the Cyberport project, a property development disguised as an information-technology initiative, negotiated with the Pacific Century Group of Li Ka-shing, the most redoubtable of Hong Kong tycoons.

    ECONOMIST: Light on its feet

  • Like the aliens browsing through refuse for weaponry and food, the film trawls for visual tactics of every kind, from news footage to clips from security cameras, and the result is something new: a startling, redoubtable thriller constructed on the cheap from a decaying world.

    NEWYORKER: District 9

  • But Barbara Bush never quite got over it, and some of her frostiness was inherited by the one Bush son whose instincts most resemble his redoubtable mom's: George W. The Governor and Rove publicly purged nearly all the old Bush and Baker hands from the Governor's campaign team.

    CNN: Franchise Player

  • Only the determination of the Transport Select Committee under its redoubtable chairman, Gwyneth Dunwoody, forced an independent inquiry.

    ECONOMIST: Government

  • For one thing, the senator from Arizona is a redoubtable campaigner.

    ECONOMIST: John McCain

  • In an 11th-hour rescue attempt, Mr Vajpayee sacked the city's chief minister and replaced him with India's redoubtable information minister, Sushma Swaraj, who began checking up on absentee police supervisors in a series of well-publicised late-night inspections.

    ECONOMIST: Knowing your onions in India

  • The rise owes much to defence spending, which was up nearly 45% in the second quarter (the fastest pace at which it has grown since the early 1950s), as well as continued spending by America's redoubtable consumers.

    ECONOMIST: An ocean apart | The

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