• At the 2012 Republican National Convention, the party explicitly rejected this idea in its platform.

    FORBES: Congrats On Your Vote, Too Bad It Probably Didn't Count

  • But supporters of the plan have hit back, with over 50 Conservative activists, including constituency chairmen, the chair of Conservative Future - the party's section for under 30s - and the chair of the National Conservative Convention - which leads the party's grassroots work - urging MPs to listen to the "wider views" of voters.

    BBC: A gay wedding

  • Nearly 5, 000 members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, also known as the PRI, voted unanimously at their national convention to remove language in the party's platform that for years had opposed injecting private money in the sector.

    NPR: Mexico's Ruling Party Says 'Yes' To Energy Reform

  • To add to the union's leverage, the Democratic Party's national convention is due to take place in Los Angeles in August.

    ECONOMIST: Trade unions

  • But the plaintiffs in the lawsuit argued that the Florida Reform Party no longer met a requirement that it be affiliated with a national party holding a national convention to nominate presidential candidates because the Reform Party USA -- the remnants of a movement spearheaded by Ross Perot in 1992 -- no longer met that definition.

    CNN: Court OKs Nader on Florida ballot

  • It is at these later meetings that the delegates will usually be chosen for the party's national nominating convention at which the presidential candidate will be declared.

    BBC: Caucus

  • He said he would continue to campaign for delegates to the late-July Democratic National Convention in a bid to influence the party's platform.

    CNN: Sharpton endorses Kerry

  • An acrimonious split last month during the party's national convention left both candidates claiming the nomination, setting the stage for weeks of bitterness and legal challenges.

    CNN: Treasury transfers $12.6 million to Buchanan

  • It was Clinton's first in a string of glittering fundraisers, tributes and schmooze sessions with Hollywood stars and Democrats ahead of the party's national convention which begins Monday.

    CNN: Clinton plugs Gore-Lieberman in convention preview

  • "John McCain has voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time, " he said, repeating a statistic trumpeted by Democrats throughout the party's four-day national convention.

    CNN: Obama blasts McCain, lays out his own agenda

  • But both of them want the Dems to do well in November -- and Bradley's approval is critical to Gore, who's been hitting the left wing of the party hard this week (stopping in at the NAACP national convention, making overtures to Ralph Nader).

    CNN: Bradley takes one for the team

  • Last week, Clean Skies co-sponsored a kick-off party at the Democratic National Convention, and the group is making its presence known at the Republican event in the Twin Cities.

    FORBES: RNC 2008

  • Zell Miller, a Democratic senator from Georgia and a frequent critic of his own party, will speak at the Republican National Convention, according to senior Democratic Senate sources.

    CNN: Democratic senator to speak at GOP convention

  • But in a high-drama moment last year at the Democratic National Convention, both Clintons announced their wholehearted support for their party's nominee.

    CNN: In post-presidency, Clinton shows no signs of slowing down

  • Mr. Hilton, 42, had just lost an inter-party election for a part-time, unpaid position on the party's national council at the Winnipeg national convention.

    WSJ: Relying on Classmates for Career Advice

  • Superdelegates consist of elected and party officials who are allowed to vote at the Democratic National Convention.

    CNN: Clinton tested in Texas, where it all began in '72

  • After a solemn first day out of deference to Gulf Coast states taking a battering from Hurricane Gustav, the Republican National Convention reverted to its traditional form as a gathering of partisan speakers and party activists, serving large helpings of rhetorical red meat from a litany of well-known Republicans and former presidential candidates.

    BBC: Republican Convention diary

  • Superdelegates are party and elected officials who are allowed to vote during the Democratic National Convention.

    CNN: Pelosi: Democratic race should go on

  • If you were at a party or a sporting event or (seriously) even the Democratic National Convention, you were (by penalty of death) required to dance the Macarena.

    CNN: Apparently This Matters: R.I.P., 'Gangnam Style'

  • They are clearly not the kind of numbers (the GM jobs report specifically) that one would wave as a success at a national party convention for a Presidential nomination.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • North Carolina is also hosting the Democratic National Convention, where Democrats were set to battle over whether to make gay marriage rights a plank of their party's official platform.

    WSJ: Obama Says He Supports Gay Marriage

  • The Democratic Party is likely to meet the states halfway when it comes to seating their delegates at the national convention, two members of the rules committee said Wednesday.

    CNN: McCain targets Obama for not going to Iraq

  • Like many Democrats here, he's mad at the National Party and chair Howard Dean for stripping the Sunshine State of all its delegates at next summer's convention.

    NPR: Florida Democrats Penalized for Early Primary

  • The Democratic vote may have little impact on the presidential race, however, because the party's national leadership said it would not allow Florida's delegates to participate in the national convention because of a squabble over scheduling.

    CNN: McCain wins Florida, Giuliani expected to drop out

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