• In January 2005, without giving any reason, the ministry of transport revoked Kam Air's license to fly to Istanbul.

    FORBES: Lord of the Skies

  • Construction is divided in four segments with the first segment being 52% complete, the second segment 79% complete and the Ministry of Transport of Quebec is currently clearing trees for construction to continue in the final segments.

    FORBES: Plan Nord: Quebec's First Diamond Mine On Schedule, Route 167 Extension Key

  • But the frenzy of mutual accusation which this scandal has thrown up - in which the port authority and the ministry of transport are each blaming the other - indicates some of the problems of a government of national unity.

    BBC: Ivory Coast protester

  • The bank suggests that Beijing dissolve the Ministry of Railways, and replace it by setting up various railway companies to run the giant network, while the policy-making functions should be transferred to a new bureau under the Ministry of Transport.

    BBC: China morning round-up: Inflation and economy discussed

  • There is speculation that the Ministry of Railways, which has been under fire in recent years over a deadly high-speed rail collision near Wenzhou in 2011 and huge debts, will be merged into the Ministry of Transport, Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News adds.

    BBC: China media: No support for Abe

  • The project is further supported by infrastructure investment from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Affairs as well as funding from the state of Hessen.

    ENGADGET: Road safety project simTD connects cars, infrastructure. Hopes to save lives, time

  • When activists realized their rocks wouldn't reach the officers, they turned their anger on the neighboring Ministry of Transport building.

    WSJ: Police Clash With Cairo Protesters; 9 Dead

  • In transport , the famously antediluvian Ministry of Transport announced in late January that it would abolish its rigid capacity and price controls by 2001 at the latest.

    ECONOMIST: Deregulation in Japan

  • To this end, Mr Yanagisawa has joined hands with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

    ECONOMIST: Bank reform in Japan

  • Meanwhile the development agencies report to a third ministry, the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions.

    ECONOMIST: An England of regions | The

  • When Labour came to power, he was put in charge of a new super-ministry of the environment, transport and the regions.

    BBC: John Prescott

  • Corrado Passera, CEO of the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group, was named to head the new ministry of development, infrastructure and transport.

    BBC: Monti unveils technocratic cabinet for Italy

  • One of the most anticipated reforms is the division of the railways ministry as a policy and regulatory unit under the transport ministry.

    BBC: China media: Railways ministry

  • The crew of the rescue tugboat Nan Hai Jiu 197, Nan Hai Rescue Bureau, Ministry of Transport, China, nominated by China, for saving four out of five persons aboard a small cargo ship that had sunk in severe weather, in January 2011.

    FORBES: Korean Ship Captain Honored for Extraordinary Bravery at Sea

  • The Department for Transport and the Ministry of Defence are understood to want civilians to take over the service from the RAF and local coastguards.

    BBC: Ministers plan to privatise search and rescue

  • Meanwhile, on Friday, Japan's transport ministry identified the causes of two fuel leaks on a Dreamliner operated by Japan Airlines, pointing to a coating around the mechanism that controls fuel movement between tanks.

    BBC: Boeing 'set to offer plan to fix Dreamliner battery'

  • The French Transport Ministry has kept the rest of Air France's fleet of Concordes grounded until more is known about what caused the crash.

    CNN: graphic

  • China's shipping industry has lobbied against such ships, fearing they may strengthen Vale's dominance on the dry-bulk market and China's Ministry of Transport has restricted their access to its ports.

    WSJ: Global Shipping Faces More Choppy Waters

  • The transport ministry says the ever-growing number of vehicles on the roads is making things worse.

    BBC: Busy road in Beijing (file image)

  • The new structure will place construction and the management of services under the new China Railway Corp, while safety and regulation will come under the transport ministry.

    BBC: Travellers at the Beijing West Railway Station, Jan 2013

  • While investigators found several issues in quality control at the company, they did not uncover any serious problems that can be linked to recent incidents involving Dreamliners, Yasuo Ishii, director of air worthiness standards at the Japanese transport ministry, said Tuesday.


  • Drivers refer to the system as an "MOT test" - an abbreviation of Ministry of Transport.

    BBC: Thousands respond to Isle of Man MOT consultation

  • Officials from Japan's Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry and the FAA conducted a site inspection of GS Yuasa's headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, on Monday and Tuesday, said Yasuo Ishii of Japan's Civil Aviation Bureau.

    CNN: Quick fix for Dreamliner looks less likely, experts say

  • The company's reputation took a further hit in June, when police arrested six Mitsubishi executives as part of an investigation into allegations that the firm failed to report defective vehicles to the transport ministry.

    BBC: NEWS | Business | Mitsubishi crashes into the red

  • Railways Minister Sheng Guangzu sidesteps questions from The Beijing News about rumours surrounding a merger of the railway and transport ministries, but says more private investment is needed to help ease his ministry's massive debts from building high-speed railways.

    BBC: China media: NPC spokeswoman praised

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