• Media and information literacy, through which individuals acquire a combination of technical and cognitive skills to seek, evaluate and use information effectively, develop critical thinking and acquire the behaviours for life-long learning, is becoming the engine of education in the 21st century.


  • Ms Teather added that there was overwhelming evidence that a child's development in the first five years' of their life is the single biggest factor influencing their future life chances, health and education attainment.

    BBC: Free parenting classes trial to run in England

  • He has worked as a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and an arbitrator for the NASD, NYSE and AAA. George is approved by the Florida Licensing Education Section to instruct life, health and variable annuity courses.

    FORBES: Why Your Will Should Name Designated Beneficiaries

  • But this is not a call to some nostalgic lost era of education, and nor is the life-crushing tedium of school computing unique to the U.K. It appears, in a straw poll, to be common across a lot of Western Europe.

    WSJ: U.K. IT Teaching Gets With the Program

  • Younger, pre-adolescent children can be sent to specialized schools where the focus is on learning life and basic education skills, rather than making them fit into regular schools where they have little in common with their peers.

    FORBES: For Child Soldiers, Every Day Is A Living Nightmare

  • And she encouraged students from all backgrounds to respectfully exchange ideas and seek common ground -- because she believes, as I do, that exposure to a broad array of perspectives is the foundation not just for a sound legal education, but of a successful life in the law.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Nominates Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

  • "This appalling gap between the life chances of poor children and the rest of the student population is a scar on the face of our education system in this country, " he added.

    BBC: Schools told to narrow gap between rich and poor

  • Although the books and audiovisual resources give inmates a general opportunity in any case to direct their thoughts away from the prison environment, the main value of the prison library is in providing its users with the option of further education and self-reflection, obtaining life skills and improving their reading skills.

    UNESCO: M��nster Prison Library

  • Acer is targeting education customers here, and the improved battery life should put the C7 on a few more school district radars.

    FORBES: Acer Upgrades C7 Chromebook With Improved Battery, More Memory

  • The goal of education is to help students prepare for life.

    FORBES: Dov Seidman

  • On the playing field of life, there is nothing more important than a quality education.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • Higher education is widely regarded as the route to a better life.

    NEWYORKER: Live and Learn

  • That something is that they write off the value of education in doing well in life.

    ECONOMIST: Poor whites

  • However, a bad credit score is not a life sentence, said Ted Daniels, founder and president of the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development.

    CNN: College can be a crash course in debt

  • This utter blindness is striking and brings me despair, yet our thinking about education is strangely unaffected by the common sense that fills other areas of life.

    FORBES: Our Education System Is Deeply Unjust, So Let's Not Make It Less Unjust

  • Seaweb is a multimedia public education project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it.

    CNN: Humans the biggest threat to marine species

  • My father is retired from the United States Air Force and my mother has dedicated her life to working in public education, often in very challenging school districts.

    WHITEHOUSE: Creating Community Resilience

  • With such diverse sound effects and samples as frogs croaking, children playing, side walk preachers preaching, and a New York subway door closing, The Education of the Individual Soul is tied to both nature and to everyday urban life, giving it the qualities of a sort of ethereal and mystical modern-day fairytale.

    NPR: East Forest: 'Pacific Coast Highway'

  • However, given the changes in the indigenous people's way of life and traditional education, due to economic development, urbanisation and the transformation of livelihood practices, it is now imperative to promote and particularly target women with community education programmes in order to enhance their capacity to effectively function in the emerging socioeconomic environment.

    UNESCO: Alternative Community Education Programme (ACEP)

  • What's the benefit of education if something much more important is missing - the possibility to have normal, peaceful life.

    BBC: Afghan interpreters: 'No life for us here'

  • Education expert and former teacher Chris Waterman says it is a fact of life that the youngest in any group will be the most vulnerable.

    BBC: Magazine

  • The head of the NIAO, Comptroller and Auditor General Kieran Donnelly, said: It is vital that our education system does all it can to address underachievement in order to improve the life chances of our young people and to ensure that our economy is well equipped to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

    BBC: Classroom

  • If there is a general silver lining to this story, it is hopefully yet another reminder to athletes about the importance of (1) preparing yourself for life after sports through education and networking which can help establish a new career, and (2) seeking professional counseling to help deal with depression that may arise when the cheers stop.

    FORBES: Olympian-Turned-Call Girl Susy Hamilton Performs No Favors for Her Future Marketability

  • Mr Hagen, meanwhile, has both pandered to anti-immigrant sentiment and cast himself as the defender of the creaking but familiar welfare, education and health systems: in sum, here is the defender of the Norwegian way of life.

    ECONOMIST: Norway's politics

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