• Founded in 1996, 401kExchange is the leading source of business development, market intelligence, and due diligence services for the 401(k) and retirement industry serving the small and mid-sized corporate market.

    FORBES: Challenges to 401ks Continue: A Conversation with Fred Barstein, CEO of 401kExchange (February 15, 2008 )

  • Recently, legendary linguist Noam Chomsky was interviewed on the development of Artificial Intelligence over the years.

    FORBES: Machines Will Outsmart Humans. We Better Be Ready

  • China is thought to be using intelligence to steer the development of its own weapons, rather than to reproduce American designs.

    ECONOMIST: Assessing the nuclear fallout

  • By focusing on violence prevention, the development of emotional intelligence, and face-to-face human experiences, we can begin to create a real solution focused on the shooter instead of fixating on the smoking gun.

    FORBES: The Shooter: The Real Smoking Gun

  • The development of artificial intelligence-based approaches to junction control is one of many new and promising technologies that can make better use of existing urban and road capacity, while reducing the environmental impacts of road traffic.

    ENGADGET: Scientists investigating AI-based traffic control, so we can only blame the jams on ourselves

  • Mr Lobban said at an event in Leeds that Turing had a played a key part in the "irrevocable change" that eventually led to the development of the "highly technological intelligence organisation that GCHQ is today".

    BBC: Alan Turing's cyber-legacy praised by GCHQ chief

  • It would appear that the development of advanced artificial intelligence, including Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology, has significant potential to improve the situation.

    FORBES: When Tech Speculation Becomes Magical Thinking

  • When Dr Lynn and Dr Vanhanen originally published their IQ data, they used them to advance the theory that national differences in intelligence were the main reason for different levels of economic development.

    ECONOMIST: Disease and intelligence

  • "The National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq is well under development, " according to Chad Kolton, spokesman for outgoing U.S. intelligence chief John Negroponte.

    NPR: Timing of Iraq Intelligence Estimate Questioned

  • The new U.S. intelligence report Monday concluded that Iran's nuclear weapons development program has been halted since the fall of 2003 because of international pressure.

    NPR: Iran Welcomes Revised U.S. Nuclear Assessment

  • In the 1990s a pattern of systematic election rigging, locally termed as "scientific rigging" began to evolve, a development which was mostly blamed on the ISI intelligence service of the military.

    BBC: Pakistan hopes for 'cleanest' elections in history

  • The possibilities for strategic cooperation between and among all of these states and Israel run the gamut from intelligence sharing to military training, to missile defense, naval development, satellite collaboration, to nuclear cooperation.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Surviving in a post-American world

  • They require the investment of years of detailed analysis, surveillance, translations, asset development, intelligence collection and other operations.

    WSJ: Michelle Van Cleave: Russian Spies Haven't Gone Away

  • The next stage of development, says Mr Walker, will be to add some level of intelligence.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor: Very handy | The

  • In a separate development, President Obama ordered an immediate inventory and review of intelligence related to the shooting and Hasan, and whether information was properly shared between government agencies.


  • The building efficiency revolution emerges now from the inter-related confluence of the collapsed cost of microprocessors, enabling embedded intelligence in offerings as simple as light bulbs (soon), as well as the development of standards and interfaces for the formerly "dumb" hardware, and the ubiquity of the Internet.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The technology, which included an algorithm for deriving the summaries, was created with help from SRI International, a Silicon Valley research-and development firm that has an artificial-intelligence lab and has an ownership stake in the startup.

    WSJ: At 17, App Builder Rockets to Riches From Yahoo Deal

  • And a drug that manages to makes it into human trials has a mere 8% chance of being approved by the FDA. Contra Gladwell, however, recent history shows that talent, intelligence, and analytical prowess are just as important, if not more so, in the development of successful new medicines.

    FORBES: Why Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong

  • It is lack of development, and the many health problems this brings, which explains the difference in levels of intelligence.

    ECONOMIST: Disease and intelligence

  • Especially since students graduating today find themselves in management positions sooner than was the case in business even just 10 years ago, management education needs to focus on social intelligence and leadership development training.

    FORBES: Back To Basics

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