• First the left-hand veil of the ballerina's skirt rises to indicate the hour, followed by the right-hand veil rising to show the minutes.

    WSJ: The Feminine Mystique of Watches

  • He has implored the country that invented the 35-hour week to work more and expect fewer hand-outs from the state.

    ECONOMIST: Europe and America

  • Seemingly without breaking sweat, Spurs' second goal arrived on the half-hour mark when Jenas found Keane in space on the left-hand side of the area and he ran on to slot home past the on-rushing goalkeeper.

    BBC: Robbie Keane scores Tottenham's second goal

  • Celtic remained composed as a Caldwell header inched past Ruddy's right-hand post just after the half-hour mark.

    BBC: Georgios Samaras

  • McNierney acknowledged that most customers may bypass the hand cranks but he insisted they are usable. (Six minutes of hand-cranking should produce an hour of run-time.) To test the feature, the organization took out the tablet batteries to see whether the devices could run just by hand crank.

    FORBES: A Look At OLPC's XO 3.0 Tablet's Solar And Kinetic Chargers

  • When Thomas Tompion began making watches around 1670, the best ones money could buy had only an hour hand--and a tendency to gain or lose some 10 minutes per day.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Everyone agrees that the number of deaths from traffic accidents around 500 this year, or five for every hour of the four-day festival is out of hand.

    ECONOMIST: Is the Songkran festival getting out of hand?

  • Kilmarnock had a glorious opportunity to equalise just after the hour mark when Mehdi Taouil's cross to the right-hand post found recently-introduced Simmonds, but he contrived to blast his effort wastefully over the bar.

    BBC: Hamilton 1-0 Kilmarnock

  • Elebert glanced in a header from close range shortly after the half-hour mark that was just past Langfield's left-hand post before Aberdeen's Ricky Foster kept out an Alex Neil effort from the right-hand side of the penalty area.

    BBC: Hamilton's David Elebert (left) tussles with Sone Aluko

  • On top of that, the ten-hour weekly marathons are leavened by humor whenever possible, for Day constantly tries his hand at cracking jokes.

    FORBES: Taiwan's Wowprime Attracts Eaters and Eager Employees

  • You top off the last sip of your afternoon 5-Hour Energy when you notice your boss approaching, new project in hand.

    FORBES: 'No' is a Complete Sentence: the Wisdom of Jaycee Dugard

  • On July 8, 2010, when LeBron made his announcement on a dorky, drawn-out, one-hour ESPN extravaganza with Jim Gray, many pundits immediately were ready to hand the 2011 NBA title to the Heat because of the Big Three of LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

    FORBES: Look For Mavericks To Cool Heat To Win First NBA Title

  • Contestants get one five-minute break every hour, but otherwise must stand bolt upright with one hand on the pickup at all times.

    ECONOMIST: Pickup country

  • He had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his head, neck, legs and hand when he was captured April 19 after a nearly 24-hour manhunt, according to the criminal complaint accusing him in the marathon blasts.


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