• In Hinduism each wick of the candle represents one of the five elements: wind, earth, fire, sky and water.

    CNN: Weddings blend cultures as well as families

  • He'll also shortly address the American people about the five elements of his policy to responsibly end the war in Afghanistan while achieving our objective of defeating al Qaeda and denying it a safe haven.

    WHITEHOUSE: Via Conference Call

  • Highlights include a comprehensive "making of" the penultimate episode "Blackwater, " an in-depth look into the War of the Five Kings and meticulous histories and character profiles which explore the amazing production elements that went into making the second season so compelling.

    ENGADGET: Game of Thrones Season Two Blu-ray set arrives February 19th

  • Their account appears to be based on unreliable popularisations, and they cannot even get right the number of elements in Aristotle's universe (it is five, not four).

    ECONOMIST: Understanding the universe

  • "Having worked with ASADA for the past five years it was very clear that there were links between elements of organized crime importing and distributing prohibited substances across Australian sport, " Ings told CNN.

    CNN: Shock as organized crime muscles into Australian sport

  • What they found was that of five levels of brickwork only the first, which had been exposed to the elements, had deteriorated to any extent.


  • While some of your messages have all the right elements, they may be too long or complex to fully explain in less than five minutes (remember, you only have about 30 seconds).

    FORBES: Make Your Message Tight And Simple -Media Training

  • Here, the 808 PureView delivers again with an autofocus prime lens made by Carl Zeiss that features five aspherical glass elements (in one group) and a mechanical shutter.

    ENGADGET: Nokia 808 PureView review: the future of mobile imaging, wrapped in the smartphone past

  • However the Institute for Public Policy Research in its recent report on childcare costs, Double Dutch, said this figure wrongly incorporated elements which should not be classified as childcare, such as the cost of school for five and six year olds.

    BBC: Ministers 'plan childcare change'

  • As expected, both professional and recreational producers will be able to control an array of elements from the comfort of their own machine -- including, but not limited to, up to five live video output feeds (yes, it can handle HD) and a real-time, multi-view video canvas which allows for live transitions and audio mixing.


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