• When we work in the market we can take advantage of the division of labour.

    FORBES: What Environmental Benefits Of Working Shorter Hours?

  • It is not enough to say that specialisation and the division of labour yield enormous economic benefits.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • The division of labour, the specialisation of it and the trade in the resultant production makes everyone richer.

    FORBES: Isn't It Wonderful That China Will Be A Bigger Economy Than The US By 2016?

  • As Adam Smith pointed out, the bigger the market, the greater the scope for the division of labour.

    ECONOMIST: The halo effect | The

  • Your argument and the statistical assessment squarely reflects the Islamic point of view on the division of labour between men and women.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Then came that development of the grid which meant that it was better, more efficient, to go with the division of labour.

    FORBES: Is Amazon Going To Become The Largest Tech Company? Surpassing Apple?

  • Ever stronger trade links between rich and would-be rich countries will mean a reshuffle in the division of labour around the world, creating new jobs and destroying or displacing existing ones.

    ECONOMIST: A game of catch-up

  • The division of labour runs thus: the younger Takenaka, Kenji, chisels the cherry-wood blocks to old designs and new ones of his own invention, while his father Seihachi runs off the prints by hand, one by one.

    BBC: The art of Japan

  • But the division of labour is fuzzy.

    ECONOMIST: An overdue debate begins on reforming Brazil's state

  • But as humans brought the idea of division of labour north, the female side of the bargain gave the species a significant advantage by providing fallback foods when big game was scarce and allowing more people to inhabit a given piece of land in times of plenty.

    ECONOMIST: Palaeoeconomics

  • Go back all the way to Adam Smith and the point of trade is the division and specialisation of labour that it allows.

    FORBES: African Free Trade Zone

  • The efficient division of labour requires a tight schedule.

    ECONOMIST: A changing relationship between a nation and its clocks

  • What of the advantages of specialisation and division of labour?

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Co-operation would nonetheless quickly break down if individuals could enjoy the advantages of division of labour without making a contribution of their own.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • For a real solution to its problems, Airbus must take more drastic action, such as doing away with the politically motivated division of labour between German, French, Spanish and British production sites.

    ECONOMIST: Airbus and EADS

  • Signs of division of labour come only with the arrival of modern humans into Europe around 40, 000 years ago.

    ECONOMIST: Palaeoeconomics

  • The limitation to how much division of labour you can get, how much specialisation, and thus how much increased production you can have to trade is the size of the market.

    FORBES: In response to Ian Fletcher

  • The assumption is that the brothers have worked out a division of labour, in which Fidel will expound on global issues and let his brother govern.

    ECONOMIST: Fidel��s return is a mixed blessing for his brother

  • Mr Blair has been persuaded by Lord Jenkins that the division of the centre-left between Labour and Liberals has been its besetting weakness in this century.

    ECONOMIST: Terms of engagement

  • He puts the blame for Labour's long periods out of power largely on the division of the forces of the left.

    ECONOMIST: The Labour Party

  • Joint leadership may also work well in the tech world because there is an obvious division of labour between technologically minded product managers and sales and marketing types.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • Yet modern man engages in the sharing of tasks and in an extremely elaborate division of labour with strangers that is, with genetically unrelated members of his species.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • Or will an irate prime minister scold it for allowing an impression of sleaze and division to reach the point where party officials have started to say in private memos that Labour is in danger of losing the next election?

    ECONOMIST: Politics

  • What it does do, though, is shift the power to plan the day from the consultant to the hospital manager - and in most other organisations this division of labour, makes perfect sense.

    BBC: Surgeon

  • That it was division of labour which gave modern humanity its edge over the Neanderthals is not a completely new idea.

    ECONOMIST: Palaeoeconomics

  • Dr Kuhn and Dr Stiner suggest that division of labour actually originated in a warmer part of the world Africa seems most likely where plant foods could be gathered profitably all year round.

    ECONOMIST: Palaeoeconomics

  • But for strategists grappling with the diminished safety of the world's seas off east Africa and in other perilous spots such as South-East Asia and the waters of Nigeria figuring out a sensible and workable division of labour between navies and private firms is not easy.

    ECONOMIST: Piracy and private enterprise

  • Labour indicated earlier on Monday it was prepared to consider the case for "rebalancing" the division of powers between the UK and Europe but said this should not be a priority amid continuing efforts to stabilize the euro and the need to secure the future of the single market.

    BBC: Euro crisis 'opportunity for UK' to reclaim powers - PM

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